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Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes

Rise of the Triad: Ludicrous Edition Cheat Codes

Warning: Usage of some of these cheat codes will disable achievements.

However, the level select cheat is required to unlock all achievements, as some levels are warp-only and they can only be accessed through the usage of this menu. Upon loading a warp-only level, an achievement will trigger.

These will also work in the original ROTT. I have tested each code on Ludicrous Edition and omitted those that did not trigger for me when input. Once used, these codes will be accessible in the game’s options menu for later use under “Unlocked cheat codes”.

I might have missed some, though, so your input is quite welcome.

Cheat Codes

Type the following on your keyboard during gameplay to achieve the desired effect:


  • ECC or DIPSTICK: Master code. Enables other codes and must be used prior to typing anything else
  • GTL or GOTO: Level select menu. Must be used to play warp-only levels such as The Vomitorium.
  • REL or REEN: Resets and re-enters current level
  • ECL or GOARCH: Skips to the next level
  • GOO or GOOBERS: Returns player to E1L1
  • LEE or MAESTRO: Opens the Jukebox menu (sound test)
  • MAP or CARTIER: reveals the entire map
  • EKG: Engine Killing Gibs (greatly increased gore and gibs)
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  • WWW or CHOJIN: Woundless with weapons (invulnerability and grants all weapons)
  • OOF or WHACK: Damages player by one health unit
  • DIE or 86ME: commit suicide
  • CAM or RIDE: enables missile cam when firing rocket launcher


  • GW9, GOD, TOOSAD or SEEYA: God mode
  • GWD, DOG, WOOF or CUJO: Dog mode
  • ELA or BOING: Elasto mode (bouncing around)
  • SHR or BADTRIP: Shrooms mode (screen shake)
  • MER or FLYBOY: Mercury mode (free flying)
  • RFA or SPEED: Tom Hall mode (autorun)
  • PAN or PANIC: resets character state (removes all weapons, items and funky effects)

Weapons, armor and keys:

  • GW2 or JOHNWOO: grants an additional pistol for dual-wielding
  • GW4 or VANILLA: grants a bazooka
  • GW3 or PLUGME: grants an MP40
  • GW4 or HOTTIMES: grants a heat-seeker
  • GW7 or FIREBOMB: grants a firebomb
  • GW8 or BONES: grants a flamewall
  • GW6 or BOOZE: grants a drunk missile
  • GWA or SPLIT: grants a split missile
  • GWC or HOMERUN: grants the excalibat
  • GWB or KESOFDEATH: grants the dark staff
  • BAR or SHOOTME: grants bulletproof armor
  • FAR or BURNME: grants asbestos armor
  • GAR or LUNGDUNG: grants gasmask
  • BUM or SLACKER: grants slacker pack (three of four keys)
  • OFP or HUNTPACK: grants bulletproof armor, heat-seeker, split missile and all four keys
  • GAI or SIXTOYS: grants all keys, maximum health and bulletproof armor
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  • HUD or WHERE: displays map coordinates onscreen
  • DOF and DON or DIMON/DIMOFF: toggles lighting effects
  • FON and FOF or LONDON/NODNOL: toggles fog
  • COF and CON or GOTA386/GOTA486: toggles floor and ceiling rendering
  • L8R or GOGATES: exits to MS-DOS (ROTT ’95)/exits to Windows (Ludicrous Edition)

Removed codes

These codes no longer work in Ludicrous Edition.

SON and SOF or SHINEON/SHINEOFF: toggles engine light sourcing in the original ROTT
FUN: In the original, this will allow the player to rotate the screen with the mouse

Written by Dr. Dro

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