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Risen 2 Dark Waters Maps with chest skill levels

A collection of maps for finding missed locked chests and the skill level needed to unlock them.

Maps with chest skill levels

I should warn you that this guide is rough, really rough it was just something I quickly threw together as I played through the game. Also the initial unlocked and easy chests from Caldera, Tacarigua and the Sword coast are missing because I didn’t get the idea to make my own maps until I had nearly finished the Sword coast. I may go back and add then later but for now they’re missing and I know they’re missing.

Also a few notes about how I noted my maps
Usually all chests are marked in number order as are the monkey points i.e. 1,2,3, M1, M2, M3. However if a monkey point is in the same area as a chest I’ve marked it the other way around i.e. 1M. I also have not marked unlocked chests if they are in the same area as other locked chests or in an obvious place.

I know that most of the descriptions are useless however having just the numbers and nothing else looked awful so i added them no matter how little they help.

In a few places I mentioned getting the treasure maps as that will also give you the island map, I don’t know if that happened in my game because I was using the unoffical patch or not but if it is I also mentioned where the normal map is.

A couple of times I also marked where I use the monkey to get loot when climbing this is because when I tried to grab the ledge as the hero he wouldn’t grab it but the monkey did.

I hope I managed to find all of the chests but with no other guide to check for reference I may have missed some.

Map Key:

White numbersLocked chests
Blue numbersLocked chests in underworld
Red DotUnlocked chests
Green dotMap locations
M numbersMonkey use locations


Maps with chest skill levels
Map No.Skill lvlDescription
Warehouse Door Upper floor
Behind warehouse door
Behind warehouse door
230Inside Barracks
360Room between barracks and left side of hall
435Upstairs in hall
In gunsmiths shop
In gunsmiths next to bed
In kitchen right of entrance
Upstairs in room on right
780Upstairs in room on left
In kitchen left of entrance
upstairs in room on left behind locked door
965In office right of entrance
Right of entrance downstairs.
Downstairs turn right, in room at end
Downstairs turn left, in archives behind guard in the left corner
In archives left side
In archives right corner
Locked door in archives right side
1275Locked door up stairs at back of entrance right side
1350Upstairs left of entrance turn left behind locked door
Upstairs in Garcia’s locked room next to Di silva
Upstairs in Garcia’s locked room next to Di silva


Maps with chest skill levels
Map No.Skill lvlDescription
Top room of tavern guarded by Alister
Top room of tavern guarded by Alister
290In small camp behind three warthogs
390Guarded by 4 ghouls also possibly an alligator and a crab
430Back of cave Southeast from bridge
530Inside Vasco’s Tower
635Inside Jack’s Lighthouse
Downstairs left room
Downstairs right room
Top of stairs
MInside temple guarded by Spider

The Sword Coast

Maps with chest skill levels
Map No.Skill lvlDescription
165In side area guarded by jaguars
250Towards the west of the temple
335South of top of waterfall
445On top of raised chunk of rock
Upstairs Isabella room
Downstairs Barracks
Downstairs locked door Sebastiano room
Downstairs Sebastiano room Behind locked door
Downstairs Sebastiano room
740Tito’s House
Warehouse door
Using scaffolding above to enter window to get behind door
Chest behind locked door
Cannon storeroom door
Inside cannon storeroom
1040Chest on beach
1170In Cave north of tower
1250Next to tree
1385North of river bend behind vines
1420Inside Cave north northeast of campfire
1520Next to path
1660Hut behind Kapua
M2 in temple
M2In temple right at hall


Maps with chest skill levels
Get map from captains house. It’s located up stairs on a table.

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
120Right side of pier Under red light
220Next to Quinn on beach
320Upstairs of blacksmiths in next room to the left
430In the back room off to the right
Top floor of warehouse, take back stairs to get there.
Top floor of warehouse, take back stairs to get there.
Through hole in left wall climb up and go through another hole in roof
Up the stairs then straight ahead
Behind locked door (Key bought from Quinn)
760In cave
820In middle of cave
930Next to Mac’s tower
1090Inside Mac’s tower
1120South of some gargoyles and bats
1290Behind stocks
1320Next to campfire
1440Back of cave
1530On plateau off to the side
1620Near some rocks close to a grave spider
1720On the beach near rocks
1820In right cave at back of hobgoblin’s grotto, entered from the south
1960In fisherman’s hut
2020Bottom of cliff
2160Next to campfire
2260Next to path leading up, near alligator
2320Up the path next to waterfall
2430Further up the path, behind waterfall
2520In gargoyle nest
2620In another gargoyle nest
2720In swamp off to the side
2820Next to campfire
2930To the side guarded by gargoyles
3020Past gate behind waterfall take first left
3160Out of the cave go forwards and aroud to the right, beware gravespider
M1Jump in window left of gunsmith’s to bypass locked door

Maracai Bay

Maps with chest skill levels
To get the map follow path south from beach. At the bones go southwest. When you hit the cliff just go east and follow the path until you get to the battleground. Now go south until you get to the native’s camp at the lake. Talk to Hanu to get a quest to kill an alligator. Kill it to get a map of the area and a treasure map.
If you don’t want to fight the alligator then follow the path around the lake to the left untill you see torches leading up. Follow them to get to the village. Corrientes is in the hut in front of you. You can also get a map from him.

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
120Behind stone tower guarded by a firebird
220At the back right corner of the temple
330Follow the beach round and climb up when able
460Follow the coast round, it’s on a hill next to a grave
520Past corpses, next to mushrooms
620In camp
730On side path
820End of path guarded by three blueclaws
920On hill by bones
1020Northwest of face climb up
1120At battleground
1230Path right of campfire, follow it round then go left and slightly downhill at the fork.
1320Just before the beach climb up to the left
1460Along the coast under pirate flag
1560Southeast of the big monkey climb up
1620In camp
1740After firebirds climb west
1860In front of cave to the northeast
1930Inside cave mentioned above, also entered from south of village
2060Path up from face
2120On path bend next to skeleton
2230In front of temple
2360North of path to temple
2420Next to ruins
2590Back of cave
2620Next to Ezana
2720In Hakeke’s hut
2890In Datu’s hut
2920In Zaalu’s hut
3060Next to altar
3130In Corrientes’ hut
3240Down from sealed door
3340Right from cave exit
3440Before the temple steps turn right
3590At back of temple behind idol door
M1Can use monkey to climb up and get some loot

Isle of Thieves

Maps with chest skill levels
Map Chest containing map of isle found by following path from beach north, you’ll also pass this when following a new friend after your cave adventures
Another one can be found in a message in a bottle on the beach after leaving cave

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
140When stuck in cave follow passage and straight ahead at junction
260Facing map chest go forwards and climb up the left set of ledges. Chest is at the top
320Inside Jaffer’s hobbit hole
430Inside Ulvi’s house
590Inside Nuri’s house
660Inside Kaan’s house
720In Granne Gozzo’s stash
840Inside termite cave, on the left
920On beach at the damp camp
M1Can use monkey to climb up and get some loot

Isle of the Dead

Maps with chest skill levels
Go to the temple and talk to Tao. He will give you a map

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
130To the left of the left set of stairs
220In the southeast arena building
330When leaving the foggy cave take the path to the North North West.
Underworld Chests
480In building behind Nahele
540In building right of climbable ledge
660In building next to Akando
760From the slope go north then at the fork turn left and its on your left
860In building to the west of arena

Storm Island

Maps with chest skill levels
Walk along the beach and after the narrow pass turn right, you can get it from the treasure map in the message in a bottle. Guarded by a few soggy sailers.
The actual island map can be found after getting to where the beach opens up going northeast where someone is fighting bugs. From there follow the beach, cross the water and go up the hill to the hut. The map is on a barrel next to it.

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
140After landing on the island go left, it’s next to a grave
2M90Behind the monkey door. The door is in the temple down the stairs at the end of the hall. The opening is on your right, also opening this door will also open up the rest of the temple
360Deeper into the temple down the stairs take the right tunnel, the chest is at the end. Watch out for the trap

Treasure Island

Maps with chest skill levels
Follow the quest and directions untill you pick up the treasure maps, this will also give you a map of the island.
One is also located in the correct chest with Steelbeard’s treasure in, which seems pointless as you wouldn’t be able to find the chest without the treasure map which give’s you a map of the island anyway.

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
190Camp of west side of beach
260East side of beach next to big tree
330Up east slope in hugging grounds
460Located down second left in cave. Watch out for trap
590Located in cave camp
620Located in ruins camp
760North path from monolith and next to sea

Water Temple

Only one chest here and no map. not that it is needed.

Map No.Skill lvlDescription
160Right at the start on your right after you leave your ship
Written by Cobra_IronFang

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