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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam – Performance Optimization Guide

Here you find the Ultimate Tweak Guide for Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.This Guide is a bunch of things brought together to optimize the game and garantuee a better gameplay experience.


This Guide will help you to get a better Gameplay Experiance out of Rising Storm 2 Vietnam. The Guide has a bunch of Things you can change to optimize the Game. We´re gonna add some Parameters to the Startoptions of Rising Strom 2 and will modify our Gameconfig files. Nothing in this Guide will lead into a Gameban or Serverkick. I´ll try to explain everything as best as i can. Okay folks then lets start going into the Guide itself.I hope its gonna make you feel happy playing.


Startparameters for Rising Storm 2 Vietnam

-refresh 144

This will force the refresh rate and the above would only apply if you play on a 144hz monitor. Adjust the number to accommodate your setup.


This controls the maximum amount of RAM to allocate to the game. If you have 16GB of RAM and wish to allocate 13GB, then the input you’d place after the equal sign would be 13000.


This will let your operating system decide the amount of memory to use while the game is running. Since the game is not optimized yet, allowing your system to control this will improve gameplay significantly.

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This will let your game will start in high priority mode.This can also be achieved by changing your Priority for Rsising Storm 2 in the Task Manager.


This does exactly as it specifies. This will ensure that all of your CPU cores are being used while running Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.


If you’re still having a difficult time running the game then add this to your current Steam launch options. This will change shading from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10. It won’t look as stunning, but it should run a bit more smoothly.Its the same option like -dx10 or -d3d10.


This skips all Intromovies and let you access the game significantly faster.

Your final Startparameters should look something like this but with your own inputs.

-refresh 144-maxMem=13000-malloc=system-USEALLAVAILABLECORES-sm4-high -nostartupmovies (just an example)

Copy the entire text and apply your Steam launch options by doing the following:

  • Open Steam
  • Navigate to your Steam Library
  • Right-click on Rising Storm 2 Vietnam
  • Click on Properties
  • Paste your launch settings
  • Press OK


Disable your Steam Overlay can have a little impact on your Ingameperformance.Possible impact about +10-20 FPS.

Go to Steam library > Rising Storm 2 Vietnam > Right-click and choose properties > remove the hook for Steam Overlay and the hook for big picture.

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Editing the Gamefiles

Now we start editing the .ini files from Rising Storm 2 Vietnam.They can be found “Documents>My Games>Rising Storm 2>ROGame>Config”


  • PoolSize 6144 – Set it to half of your videomemory.It reduces the pop-in-effect of gras and
    many other things they would distract you a lot. I got a 1080GTX Ti and uses 6GB VRAM on it.
  • bUseTextureStreaming=True/False – set it to False if you dont use PoolSize
  • bSmoothFrameRate=False – No FPS limitation.VSYNC turned off.
  • DynamicLights=False – This will give you a ernormous FPS boost.

in ROinput.ini set:

  • bViewAccelerationEnabled=FALSE – mouseacceleration turned off.Helps you aiming down way better.

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