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Risk of Rain 2: All Chests

Chests and Things

The ubiquitous chest. Easy to figure out, pretty easy to master too. All normal chests cost money to open, and will spawn an item once opened. The cost of each chest scales as difficulty increases, but they only change price once you progress to the next stage. The amount of money that enemies drop also scales with difficulty, so it becomes a game of how much time you want to spend killing enemies in order to get at the goodies in a chest. For the purposes of this guide, Common items are the white items, Uncommon items are green, Legendary items are red, Boss items are yellow, Use or Equipment items are orange, and Lunar items are blue. Chests come in a few variations:

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A tiny capsule that has no cost, and isn’t really considered a ‘normal’ chest. When opened, it provides a small amount of cash and experience, which makes them suitable for scraping together some coins for an actual chest. Interestingly, these chests are not locked down by the teleporter when activated, so they can be accessed by anyone regardless of if the teleporter is charging or not.

Run of the mill, common chest. Its base cost at the beginning of the game is $25. When opened, it will spawn an item of at least common (white) rarity. It is possible for uncommon and legendary (green and red, respectively) items to spawn from these chests, though it is a rare occurrence.

Equipment Chest
A deceptively small but orange chest that costs the same amount as a normal chest. This chest always spawns an equipment item when opened, so it may not be in your interest to open them if you already have an equipment item you like.

Large Chest
A heftier looking chest, as uncommon as the items it spawns (which is to say, it usually spawns uncommon items). Base cost is approximately twice the cost of a small chest (so $50 in the beginning of the game). When opened, it will spawn an item of at least uncommon (green) rarity, though occasionally it will spawn a legendary item.

Legendary chest
Large, hefty, orange, expensive. This describes lots of things and also the legendary chest. I have only ever seen them spawn in the Abyssal Plains, the fourth stage. They are typically many times more expensive (usually a few thousand dollars the first run) than normal chests, but they will always drop a legendary item. It may be useful to stick around killing enemies to unlock these, but in the same stroke that could ramp difficulty up further than is comfortable. Decide if it’s a good trade-off.

Not technically a chest but functions kind of like one. The multi-shop has three windows on it, each containing a different item (or a question mark, which will generate a random item). The rarity of each item in the multi-shop is always the same, though I have only ever seen common and uncommon item multi-shops. Therefore, the cost of each item is the same, and this gives you some control over which item you want to pick out of the shop.

Once you select an item from the multi-shop, all shutters close. You only get one item out of the three, so choose carefully. In Risk of Rain 1, the random item choice sometimes generated an item of higher rarity, however this does not seem to be the case in the sequel. The cost of an item in the multi-shop is the same as the cost of the respective chest; I.E, a common chest costs $25, so a common item in the multi-shop costs $25 as well.

Lunar Pod
I guess it’s kinda a chest, in the most vague definition possible (that being “it’s a container that hols things and has a lock on it”). The lunar pod always costs one Lunar Coin to open (which are randomly dropped from enemies, and carry over between games). When opened, it always spawns a Lunar item. Lunar items usually have a really cool upside and a really bad downside, so they are not automatically picked up when moved over like other items.

The item you get from the pod is random, so it could be a use Lunar item, or it could be a normal item. It is, however, cheaper to get a random item then it is to wait or call for a portal and purchase one for two lunar coins from the bazaar, so think before you blow your coins.

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