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Risk of Rain 2: Drones and Turrets

Drones and Turrets

Mechanical Machinery to Meticulously Motivate Myself to Massacre Monsters.
They do some of the killing for you. they’re also somewhat expensive, and not all of them are retained through levels. Also, unlike items, they are vulnerable to being damaged and taken from you. Where possible, it’s usually wise to go for items first, then drones if you have extra cash.

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Drones unfortunately become much less viable as the game progresses. Due to the xbox hueg damage that everything puts out later game, as well as the very few options you have of protecting the drones, they are usually destroyed without your knowledge during some absolute cluster of an engagement in the Abyssal Plains. They can work as a great distraction during mid and early game though.

Gunner Drone
The most basic drone, starting at $40 on the first level. It is fairly agile and regularly shoots for light damage. Its strengths include harassing air targets, bullying wisps, and its hobbies include getting stuck on walls and being destroyed by a Vagrants EMP blast. Weak but serviceable.

Missile Drone
A slightly advanced drone. Costs a fair shake more than a basic drone, but shoots homing missiles for solid damage at enemies. Given this virtue, it has a little more free reign and can more reliably help out with smacking targets. It still suffers from relatively slow speed though.

Medical Drone
Your best pal for life. When you or a nearby ally is under maximum health, the drone will attempt to heal them with a healing beam for a small percentage of the target’s maximum health. They can be useful early game for recovering from tough smacks for chants to the blood shrine and blood gods. Their use wanes during the later stages of the game due to their fragility and bullet-magnetness.

Strike Drone
The special forces of the drone world. These are only spawned when the equipment item “The Backup” is used. Four of them are spawned per use of the equipment item, and they are equipped with both a machine gun and missiles. They will immediately begin engaging nearby targets, then will quickly expire and self destruct in 25 seconds. Absolutely fun to deploy en-masse using fuel cells. The only unfortunate part about them is they last for a relatively short time.

Gunner Turret
Stationary turrets that can help keep an area relatively monster free. While having a large downside of being stationary, they sport impressive tracking and rate of fire. They’re pretty good at shooting wisps back into the stratosphere and cleaning up softer targets around itself, however it is still fragile since it cannot avoid attacks. In addition, turrets will not follow you between stages. Once you exit the stage, you leave that sad turret there for the rest of its days. Usually only useful if they are nearby the teleporter or a similar hot area.

TC-280 Prototype
This is essentially the A-10 Thunderbolt of the drone world. You will have to find them on the third stage, Rally Point Delta. They don’t always spawn, and when they do, they require usually a few thousand quid to repair. But I promise, repair them at least once. You will be in awe at the size of this lad. He is an absolute unit.

Engineer Turret
Honorable mention. Engineer turrets have a unique property of inheriting all of their owner’s items. Suffice to say, this makes for… interesting combinations. Majority of engineers will almost always have busting fungus equipped, since this turns any of their turrets into healing zones for all allies (and the turrets themselves, too). The healing zone, if large enough, can also heal nearby drones or gunner turrets.

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