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Risk of Rain 2: Thunderstorm (Overhaul Mod)

Thunderstorm Overhaul Mod is a complete re-balance of the game, with overhauled classes with new class mechanics, overhauled enemies, items, spawning, and progression. It’s like playing a whole new, harder game.

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Current Version: 2
Released 4/9/2019

Thunderstorm completely overhauls the game in an attempt to do a few things:

  • Change the gameplay loop to reward pushing forward as fast as possible instead of finishing a stage only once you’ve finished opening chests
  • Remove certain combinations that would trivialize the game, specifically infinite proc chains
  • Make sure all characters’ skill scale and are useful in long runs in some way
  • Make the early game faster paced
  • Improve the balance of characters, items, and monsters
  • Ultimately make the game harder

To accomplish this, every character, almost every item, some monsters, effects, mechanics, spawning, and progression were altered or added to. It’s like a fresh experience.

Note: If you install this mod you will not be able to use matchmaking or do prismatic trials. You can still play with other people in multiplayer if you invite them but they must also have the mod or things will not work properly.

Edit: I’m aware of the multiplayer bugs, for now this is just a single player experience unless any clients only play Mercenary or Mul-T. Playing any other character as a client results in some skills not working.

As for the initial difficulty, a new version will be uploaded soon.

Download & Installation

You can download v2 here

To install: simply copy the “Risk of Rain 2_Data” folder to \Steam\steamapps\common\Risk Of Rain 2\

To uninstall: go to your steam library and right click on Risk Of Rain 2, go to properties -> local files, and hit Verify Integrity Of Game Files. Steam will delete the mod files and re-download the original game files.

Full Changelog

v2 Changes:

Reduced monster spawns a bit, refined the spawns to be less spammy
Increased the number of item shops by 20%
Gold gain normalized for less enemies, it’s very slightly higher now

Players have 50% increased base hp and 25% increased base damage to make the initial enemy waves much easier, and the first level up less of a power jump

Increased enemy scaling to compensate for the player’s increased intial power
Increased gold gain in later stages to ensure you’re opening more chests/shops per minute than previous stages

Fixed shrine of pain giving too much gold (it scales with hp)
Fixed Combat shrines not spawning enough enemies. They spawn a lot now.
Fixed teleporter “Horde Of Many” bosses being insanely overtuned on the initial teleporter
Fixed an issue causing speed bonus items to stack incorrectly, giving too much speed

These changes should produce a much smoother difficulty curve to keep up with rather than a cliff face.

Stat definitions

— Proc Coefficient
– A stat on all damage, determining both the chance of a proc to occur and sometimes the power of the proc. It is usually 100% on all attacks and varies on procs.

— Damage Falloff
– The calculation for how damage is lost the further from the epicenter of an explosion the target it. There’s three types: None, Linear, and Sweetspot.
– None means no damage loss.
– Linear means at the edge of the explosion targets take only 25% of the damage, and it scales linearly (1% damage to 1% distance between the epicenter and the target out of to total radius).
– Sweetspot means out to 75% of the radius there is almost no damage loss, after that the damage quickly drops off down to 25%.

— New Stat: Skill Damage
– Increases all non item and non proc damage, only increases the damage your skills do directly.
– Procs that deal damage based on the original damage of the proccing effect (Ukelele, Behemoth) still do the same % of damage.

General Changes

— Progression Changes
– Going to the next stage no longer jumps the difficulty forward
– Each stage has increased item and interactible spawns over the last
– Enemies start to scale a bit faster and exponentially gain stats per level
– Teleporters spawn ~60% more enemies when used

The game loop now rewards pushing forward to the next stage as fast as possible, only staying until you can take on the teleporter, instead of hanging back to get every chest before continuing.

–Ignite Debuff
– Duration increased to 6s, damage reduced to 20%, but it cannot kill you, only reduce your life to 1.

— Bleed debuff (caused by imps)
– Duration increased to 15s, damage reduced to 5%. It can kill you.

To change damage debuffs to a less lethal effect that stops you from gaining out of combat bonuses and healing instead of killing you 2 seconds after you’ve been hit with nothing you can do about it.

— “Out of Danger” check is now 5.5 seconds without being hit instead of 7. This applies to cautious slug and shield regen from any source.

— Added healing orb drops
– All monsters have a chance to drop a healing orb that heals you based on your level. As you level up the chance for a healing orb drops significantly. This is to make the early game a little bit more forgiving if you don’t get any healing items but are doing well otherwise.

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— Increased the effective range of bullets
– This affects every character skill with a hitscan component. You can shoot further without losing as much damage now.
– The effective range of bullets also affects the proc coefficient as well as the damage now.

— Health Refactoring
– All characters have twice as much life, and all sources of flat life are twice as high. This is intended to move survivability away from lifestealing or regenerating to full health in under half a second and only dying to one shots, and moving it towards better health management. All enemies have 66% more damage. This was done since 1 is minimum heal and I can’t make leeching seeds etc worse than that.


— Chance shrines
– No longer have a maximum use count. How much are you willing to pay for a chance at another item?
– Less common

— Item Shops
– There are far more item shops to increase player choice

— 3D Printers
– 3D Printers are more common in later areas


— Spawning
– Monsters spawn much more often, and in larger numbers. The amount of exp and gold they give has been reduced to keep progression only slightly faster than vanilla.

— Maximum monster count is now 70, from 40

— Increased movespeed of monsters by 10% + 2.5% per level

— Cold debuff from Ice Elites now slows by 60% for up to 3 seconds instead of 80% for up to 1.5s.

— Explosion from Ice Elites
– Damage increased by 75%
– Falloff model changed to linear (This means if you’re far from the center you take far less damage than you did before.)
– Radius increased by 50%
– Explosion delay increased to 2.5s
– There’s a short dissapearance just before the explosion now
Made the area denial of this a little tougher to work around

— Elites have slightly more hp and are less common than before

— Beetles
– +50% movespeed
– +30% more hp.
– Their attack animation is much faster, meaning they need less time to reach you before hitting you. Their attack speed is also faster, but their damage is lower.

— Wisps
– No longer have force on their weapon, meaning they no longer push you if you’re airborne
– Damage reduced by 33%

— Beetle Queen is disabled from spawning, due to a bug with killing her that I cannot fix.

Items & Equipment

— When picking up items they show their full description and effects

Because of the increased number of enemies, on kill items have all been reduced in damage
their base radius’ were increased but their leveling radius’ were decreased to make them feel more impactful with just one, but less map-cleary with 15.

— Willow-the-wisp
– radius changed to 18 + 2 per item
– Damage reduced to 150% + 100% per item
– Falloff changed to Sweetspot
– Proc Coefficient is still 1.0

— Gasoline
– damage reduced to 50% + 5% per item
– radius changed to 15 + 2 per item
– duration increased to 4s + 1s per item
Gains damage per second and duration per level, making this a powerful stacking AoE item.

— Ceremonial Dagger
– Damage reduced 150%->120%

— Bandolier
– Drop chance halved
– Drop chance has diminishing returns. Not my change, just something worth noting about the item.

— Happiest Mask
– Spawn Chance reduced 10%->7%

— Rusted Key
– Strongboxes are more likely to spawn higher rarity items, and legendaries are even more common when stacking rusted keys

— Personal Shield
– Now gives 36 + 4*level maximum shields

— Harvesting Scythe
– Reduced heal to 3 + 2 per item.

— Titanic Knurl
– Bonus hp 40->10% bonus
– Bonus regen from flat 1.5 -> 75% bonus

— Red Whip
– Now called Enchanted Whip
– Now gives bonuses to your Special ability. Check the character notes in game or in the changelog to see what the bonus is.
– No longer affects movement speed

— Ukelele
– Can no longer proc other effects, resulting in chain reactions that obliterate the map.
– Proc chance has been increased to 33%
– Damage is now 100% of the original damage.
– Bounce range has been increased to 25 + 3 per stack
– Can no longer crit which was resulting in doubled damage if chained off of a crit.

— Tri Tip Dagger
– Duration increased to 4s + 1s per stack
– Total damage increased to 100% + 30% per stack
– Chance changed to 10% + 5% per stack
//It now deals higher damage over a longer duration, positioning it as the best single-target proc damage for bosses, elites, and other high health targets.

— Medkit
– No Longer heals after being hit
– Increases base health by 20
– Increases total health by 3%
– Increases base health regen by 1 + .15 per character level

— Infusion
– Increases health by 2 to a maximum of 200 per stack

— Stickybomb
– Chance increased to 6% + 3% per stack
– Damage reduced to 150% + 100% per stack

— Brilliant Behemoth
– Can no longer crit, which was resulting in excess damage when both behemoth and the damage that procced it crit together
– Explosion is slightly larger to better represent it’s radius
– Damage and radius is multiplied by the proc coefficient of the damage that procced it

— Monster Tooth
– No longer provides healing orbs on kill
– Increases Skill Damage by 10%

— Unstable Tesla Coil
– Now turns off and on, and fires sporadically and unpredictably
– Overall average uptime to downtime ratio is the same
– Overall average hits/second is roughly 33% lower than before
– Damage reduced 200%->80%
– Proc chance reduced 30%->25%
– Damage, Proc chance, and average hits/second are increased by 25% per stack
– number of chains is no longer increased by stacks
– Proc chance is 40% lower on Engi Turrets

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— Bustling Fungus
– Radius increased to 6 + 2 per stack
– Healing increased to 6% + 1.5% per stack
– The heal is now 25% as effective when coming from engineer turrets
The idea here is to make it more attractive to classes other than engineer that want to act as a healing post in multiplayer or get some out of combat healing in. This is more intended to be a team support item more than engineer’s core necessity.

— Chrysalis
– Bonus movement speed from 20%->50%
– Upward velocity doubled
– Duration increased 15->20s

— The Crowdfunder
– Increased damage to 150%
– Increased Proc Coeff to 2

— Elite Orbs Equipment
– Drop chance increased from 0.025% -> 0.25%
These items were insanely rare before. They are however pretty cool, and having them spawn more often adds some interesting choices.

Characters Part #1

— Base sprint speed increased by 20% for all characters


As a jack-of-all-trades, he really only had one viable move later in the game (his M1), due to the lack of actual scaling on his other abilities. He now has a much more rounded skillset, with a replaced phase round, improved supressing fire, and unique interactions with roll and his other abilities.

— Base Movement speed increased by 10%

— Supressing fire
– Now fires 20 shots over 2.4S with much larger spread,
– Scales the number of shots with attack speed
– Deals 65% damage per shot
– CD 10 -> 14s
– It now pierces all enemies
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Increases total number of shots by 20%

— Phase Round changed to Charged Round
– Fires an explosive shot that deals 100% damage to the enemy hit, then explodes dealing an additional 300% damage to the target and nearby enemies
– The explosion has no proc chance, but the bullet itself has 500%.
– 5.5s Cooldown
– 9m explosion radius
– Explosion damage falloff is SweetSpot

— Tactical Dive
– Increased cooldown 4s->6s
– Now has two max charges
– Now grants a buff for 2s that improves the next skill used:

Double tap – first shot deals 4x damage with a 200% Proc Coefficient, the second shot deals 2x damage with a 400% bonus Proc Coefficient. Both shots are fired with perfect accuracy. If either shot kills an enemy your cooldowns are reduced by 4s.
Charged Shot – deals 50% more damage, 40% more explosion radius, and has double the proc chance
Roll – gives a 2s cloak
Suppressing Fire – fires 50% more shots over it’s duration


As a high mobility, squishy, high damage character, she just felt squishy. Being fairly faster than other characters and the increase in the aiming angle allows her to more successfully sprint and fire while circling targets. Her Arrow rain had a very long cooldown for such an underwhelming skill that didn’t even scale, as well. The glaive is now more satisfying to use and works as a highly effective clearing tool while on the move. Playing around her arrow rain and picking when to use it is still vital to her success. Her basic attack felt woefully bad considering the basic attacks of all the other characters. She now really excels at ducking in and out of her killzone set up by her arrow rain and maneuvering targets into the next one.

— Base Movement speed increased by 22%

— Aiming angle and distance increased by 45%
— Aiming targeting has been significantly improved, it should be much easier to pick a target out of a crowd

— Seeking Arrow
– Damage increased 150%->200%
– Base Attack speed reduced by 10%

— Laser Glaive
– Glaive damage increased by 40%
– Glaive bounce range increased by 45%
– Cooldown increased to 7.5s
– Glaive max bounces + 4, total of 10
– Glaive damage bonus per bounce is now 0%
– Glaive projectile speed increased by 50%

— Blink
– Now cloaks for the duration, removing aggro and allowing you to dodge charge up projectiles (but not titan boss lasers)

— Arrow Rain
– Cooldown changed to 19s
– Duration increased to 8s
– Damage reduced to 50% per hit
– Hits 3 times per second
– Hits per second scales with attack speed
– Radius increased by 50%
– Proc Coefficient is now 0.5, was 0
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Adds an additional charge


— Base Movement speed increased by 10%

— Proximity Mines
– Increased Mine damage 200 -> 400%
– Increased damage radius from 6 to 16 (Not trigger radius)
– Decreased explosion trigger delay by 50% (allows more enemies to enter it’s large radius)
– Increased arming delay by 600%
– Decreased Max Charges 10->3
– Decreased Cooldown 10s -> 5s
– Maximum mines increased 10 -> 30
Mines felt more like a “throw 10 of these directly on a boss” rather than something you set up to protect yourself with. So the burst damage is lower now, and requires more setup time to get the maximum effect. With lower charges, spare magazines aren’t worthless either.

— Gauss Turrets
– Increased maximum turret count to 3, but charges are still 2
– Decreased cooldown to 17s
– Proc coefficient reduced to 75%.
– Damage reduced to 80%
– Proc damage reduced to 50%.
– Health from items increased by 50%
– Health Per level increased by 100%
– Base regen increased by 150%
– Some aura items like tesla coil and bustling fungus have reduced effects, check the items changelog for details.
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: 7.5% increased damage, 7.5% increased attack speed, 7.5% increased health.

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Reinforces Engi’s nature of fortifying a single location over time, as well as letting him place a stray turret while roaming without being punished so heavily by a long cooldown. Power redistributed away from proc stacking so hard towards up front damage.
The health bonuses should help the turrets to not just be one shot by everything past a certain point in the game, but not be invulnerable.


Artificer stands above all other classes in her ability to deliver large amounts of burst damage to large groups of enemies. Her lack of mobility and health is made up for in her raw damage output, and in a pinch throwing up two ice walls can slow the tide of enemies.

— Base Movement speed increased by 10%

— Firebolt
– Cooldown is now scaled by half of your attack speed stat.
– Alternate Mags now give an additional charge
– Damage increased 200% -> 225%
– Projectile Speed increased by 200%
– Explosion radius increased by 400%
Despite her M1 being a cooldown/burst skill, it was extremely underwhelming and unsatisfying to use. The projectile speed and explosion radius make it far more reliable and give her more crowd clearing ability which she’s based on.

— Charge Blast
– Base radius reduced by 20%
– Radius increases over the charging duration, up to 150%
– Damage now falls off significantly the further from the center of the blast
– Has an improved SFX to better show it’s explosion area

— Icewall
– Damage increased 100% -> 200%
– Charges increased to 2
– Cooldown reduced to 6s

— Flamethrower
– Increased tick frequency by 30%
– Increased total damage by 10%
– Increased cooldown by 20%
– Increased base radius by 20%
– Radius and Range increase slightly over the duration
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Increases hit rate and total damage by 10%, increases radius and range by 10%.


I just wanted to add a little more nuance to a character already full of it, with the combo chain holding. His whirlwind also felt really lackluster, especially later in the game.

— Base Movement speed increased by 15%

— Basic Combo
– The first two strikes are slightly faster while the last strike takes longer, resulting in the same duration of attack
– You can hold onto your combo chain for up to 5 seconds. For example if you do the first two attacks then stop, your next attack within 5s will be the third strike.
– Increased the damage of the final strike by 20%

— Dash
– Increased damage by 50%
It felt like a waste of time to use this in combat, so a buff goes a long way, especially in the early game when he relies on it to kill wisps effectively and there’s a lot more now.

— Whirlwind
– Damage increased by 100%
– Proc Chance increased by 100%
– Cooldown increased to 6s
– Now holds two charges by default

— Eviscerate
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Increases total hit rate (multiplicative with attack speed) by 7.5%, and duration by .1s.

Characters Part #2 and Drones


Mul-T is a powerful close range brawler that excels at staying alive and dealing damage to a focused target, while having a lot of utility and crowd control.

— Nailgun
– Improved accuracy by ~33%
– Increased damage falloff
– Proc Coefficient now scales with damage falloff
For a close range weapon it sure had some trouble hitting anything at short ranges. Improved the accuracy but made the falloff worse so it’s still inneffective at range even with the number of hits landing being higher.

— Railgun
– Now actually deals 600% damage
– increased hitbox radius by 40%

— Concussion Grenade
– Initial area increased by 75%
– Cooldown Increased 6s->7s
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Damage increased by 20%, intial blast proc chance increased by 15%.
This becomes a powerful crowd control skill with it’s massive AoE, and adds some skill with the second bomblets only hitting enemies in the center of the blast for that second stun.

— Loader Mode
– Cooldown decreased 8s->7s
– Enemies pushed out of the way now take damage based on his movement speed, which is a big buff
– Enchanted Whip Bonus: Total speed (and therefore damage) increased by 10%.
With his range pushed down a bit from the nailgun changes, this becomes an important skill for getting him into range.


All drones speed increased by 100%
All drone health increased by 50%
All drones health regen increased by 150%

— Healing Drone
– Heal tick rate increased by 200%
– Heal total amount increased by 50%
– Heal duration increased by 50%

— Missile Drone
– Innaccuracy increased significantly,
– damage increased by 100%

— Gun Drone
– Fires 100% faster, does 30% less damage, fires in longer bursts and is very accurate

The idea was to differentiate the strengths and weaknesses of the two attack drones, the gun drone being better at killing smaller enemies, the missile drone with a much higher damage output but difficulty hitting small targets
Drones still quickly fall off, but are great for assisting your character in the early stages

— Gunner Turret
– Health increased by 200%
– Life Regen increased by 600%
– Fire rate increased by 100%
These were so pitiful to activate, they died almost immediately and did little if nothing at all. Now these can give you some much needed help in a specific location.

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  1. I’m having troubles with willow-the-wisp.
    any time I pick it up if I kill more than a half dozen enemies the game starts to lag and eventually slows to 1 frame per tick.
    Also having trouble with transcendence that causes my character to freeze and be uncontrollable aside from equipment after killing an enemy or two.
    I cut together a VERY bland showcase of the times I managed to record of it happening.
    None of the stuttering you see is from my recording software, it is accurate to what I was seeing on screen.
    (vid description has a bit more info.)

  2. Yeah, love the mod, but definitely gotta fix that Willo-the-wisp issue. i cant pick it up without the framerate dropping to oblivion.


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