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Risk of Rain Returns Easy Early Sacrifice Unlock

Earliest and easiest way to unlock sacrifice using huntress.

Risk of Rain Returns Easy Early Sacrifice Unlock

So you want to unlock sacrifice? I did too!

I made this for fellow sacrifice enjoyers

For this, you need to make it to the core, stage 4. I would heavily suggest unlocking huntress’ second mobility option. Do so here (the selected trial).

This trial is very easy to complete! They give you a whopping 15 minutes when its possible to do it in less than 1. So get this done. Trials are available once you unlock any survivor. More trials become available as you complete them and unlock things. Your quickest candidate for this is to beat the 3rd stage for the first time and unlock bandit.

This is the core. You may get unlucky and not have this variant of the core. You will find one of the two switches above first most likely, follow the following sets of images, fire huntress’ cluster bomb to penetrate the wall and hit the switch. It will go red if you did it correctly. There are 3.

One of them requires you to fall, you may need to time your shot (though I just started the animation right as I began falling and it worked out). If your run is going well, I would recommend doing all of this while the stage is cleared.

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Travel left, climb the rope hanging over the magma all the way up.

Here’s the last switch, did you get your unlock from earlier? You may need it.

Fire your explosive shot up here and hit the last switch. Go back down the rope from before to the magma pit, you will find sacrifice waiting for you on the shrine to the left of the pit!

If it isn’t there, double check that you hit all the switches.

I MAY make more guides in the future but things are being found pretty quick. Enjoy!

Written by Veeyu22

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