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RoboCop Rogue City Choices & Consequences

This guide shows how choose the Questions the Answers and their Consequences in RoboCop Rogue City!

RoboCop Rogue City Choices & Consequences


  • There is no option to save in the game, it makes it very difficult to reload and make certain choices multiple times!
  • This is especially true in the crimes and investigations section of the game!
  • Important to have more control over dialogue options, solving crimes without fatalities, you will want to invest in Psychology Skill!
  • This is a skill heavily used throughout the game and opens additional dialog options in nearly every single case-related encounter!

1 – Too Many Complaints Side Quest!

Dog Lover Choices!

  • You disrupt public order. (Issue a ticket) – Upheld The Law Points!
  • No. (Issue A Warning) – Public Trust Points!

Informant Choices!

  • You can hope for a reduced sentence – Public Trust Points!
  • No, you do not – Uphold the Law Points

Concerned Mother Choices!

  • Provide me with the details – Public Trust Points!
  • Come back in 24 hours” – Uphold The Law Points!

2 – Search For Soot Mission!

Antisocial Behavior – Old man and his shopping cart!

  • It cannot be tolerated (Issue a ticket) – Public Trust Points!
  • I will let it go this time (Issue a warning) – Nothing for this choice!

Public Drinking Speaking With Drunkard!

  • I do not think so (Issue a ticket) – Uphold the Law Points!
  • I see your point (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Deliberate Act Of Vandalism!

  • You are being fined (Issue a ticket) – Uphold the Law Points!
  • This is your last warning (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Speaking With Scott!

  1. No, you are under arrest – Upheld the Law Points!
  2. You can retrieve the car yourself – Public Trust Points!

Speaking With Litterbug!

  • That is no excuse (Issue a ticket) – Upheld the Law Points!
  • You can go (Issue a warning) – Public Trust Points!

Cloth Eared Hooligans & Loud Music!

  • If ask them to turn the music down, they decline!
  • If threaten to break their bones, they take the music and leave!

Speaking With Maurice!

  • Psychology 2 option Maurice gives the information and he decides to cooperate!

Speaking with Ben!

  • Stolen Vehicle mission, Psychology 2 choice can investigate the shop freely!

3 – Dr. Olivia Blanche Therapy!

How do you see yourself!

  • This is me now (Comfort) – The Dr appreciates this response!
  • Is this what you wanted (Scare) – She doesn’t appreciate this!
  • I warned you (Reassure) – The Dr appreciates this response!

4 – Steel Mill!

Speaking with Samantha Ortiz!

  • I do (Give a statement) is the best answer!

5 – Police Station Visit III!

Ulysses Washington!

  • You proved yourself valuable is the best answer!

Ulysses Washington 2!

  • Be proactive, get a different gun is the best answer!


  • That is resourceful is the best answer!

6 – OCP Bank!

Samantha Ortiz!

  • You can go is the best answer!

7 – Police Station Visit IV!

Officer Witakker!

  • That did not sound like fun is the best answer!

Mayor Kuzak!

  • I will not allow OCP to take over the city is the best answer. This decision has a political impact so if you would rather not side with Kuzak, choose a different option!

8 – Downtown Visit II!

Old Man!

  • The increase my performance is the best answer!

Old Man 2!

  • Choose to side with Lewis, the Old Man appreciates and healthy return!

Reckless Smoker!

  • Reconsider your behavior is the best answer unless you want Uphold the Law Points!

Ulysses Washington!

  • Question 1 – Yes, do it is the best answer!
  • Question 2 – Go Ahead is the best answer!
  • Question 3 – Permission granted is the best answer!

Lady Of Leisure!

  • You can go is the best answer!


  • You can go is the best answer!

Samantha’s Belongings!

  • Choose to keep the box! Will side with Samantha and the people, otherwise you can give the box away and side with Becker!
  • You then must call Samantha and depending on what you chose, you will either support her or anger her!
  • If you side with Samantha, she will choose not to reveal footage the next time RoboCop has a malfunction!


  • Don’t choose the Diamonds in the rough choice!
  • Take the money is the best choice (Dr Olivia Blanche will bring up this decision during the final therapy session as a sign of Robocop’s humanity!

John Mills!

  • Whatever you choose for the first option, he will remember!
  • Whatever you choose here it counts as Support for John Mills!

9 – Police Station Visit V!

Dr Olivia Blanche!

  • I only seek justice for Anne Lewis!

SGT Warren Reed!

  • He is trying his best!
  • She helped me already!

Old Man!

  • It was like taking a nap!
  • Administer painkillers!

Mayor Kuzak!

  • Lewis deserves better!

10 – Police Station Visit VI!

Samantha Ortiz!

  • During this interview you get to make your final political pledge. You choose to either pledge with OCP and Mills or go with Kuzak and the people of Detroit!

11 – Police Station Visit VII!


  • That is enough!

12 – Downtown Visit III!

Ulysses Washington!

  • Officer Washington, you are going with me!


  • Issue a warning is considered the best response!

Dr Olivia Blanche!

  • Yes!
  • Then you need to give the answer you gave earlier!

13 – OCP Headquarters!

Samantha Ortiz!

  • At this point, you would have decided whether or not to align with Samantha and reveal OCP’s true plans or not!
  • Just follow the choices that back up whether you want to help her or arrest her!


  • This is the final decision you make for the political outcome of the game!
  • Siding with John Mills or Mayor Kuzak!

14 – Final Choice!

End Of Story!

  • You get to decide what to do with the Old Man, I chose to save him!
  • A huge piece of concrete falls from the sky toward RoboCop and the Old Man saves him, at the cost of his own life!
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