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Robocraft 2 Quick Guide For New Players

The game tutorial (tech ladder) itself fails to explain some mechanics, Including health (especially health) so we decided to try and make our own.

Robocraft 2 Quick Guide For New Players


Health system in RC2 is not explained in the game at all, so we felt like this section should be the first. Especially after seeing a lot of bots built out of large 9x9x9 blocks, or small 1x1x1 blocks, all of which have awful durability.

Let’s start from the basics.

  • Cubes do not have health, instead, it’s connections that have them.
  • Connection Health is based on connection perimeter
  • Then connection health is multiplied by weakest connected material
  • (NB: in future it will be changed to the average of connected materials)
  • Which means, the most effective strategy for health is stacking 9x9x1 blocks or even plates blocks.
  • When using 3x3x3 or 2x2x2 Joints try to place them on multiple horizontal blocks instead, that way they won’t get destroyed in a second.

Tip: You can resize joints by holding [Shift] while [Mouse Scroll Up/Down].



  • Logic sounds scarier than it really is. If anything, Math blocks are more scary.
  • Logic signals can be either positive (+1), negative (-1), or 0.
  • When connecting a wire to Left/Right, Left will output -1 signal, and right will output +1, similar happens with forward/backwards.
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And basic math stuff:

  • There’s also signals between 0 and 1, such as 0.55 or -0.3.
  • Powering a joint or other blocks such as (antigravs or thrusters) with +0.5 signal will cause it to work with half the force.
  • Logic blocks only accept signals higher than 0.5 and will always convert them to 1.
  • Math blocks don’t do that.

Tip: Connecting the integer block to the Multiplier block and any other signal will cause it to work like a toggleable integer block


  • To rename or retake the robocraft’s thumbnail screenshot, enter build mode on a robocraft you want, press esc, and press save, and press “Take Screnshot”
  • To make a good flyer you will need to compromise armor and especially weight.
    (or if you using DashTheFlash’s potato design, you don’t have to sacrifice armor. It’s just too OP.)
  • You can reposition your Robocraft by pressing arrow keys, if you want to move it forward, press , .
  • Certain blocks are limited to X and Z (i.e plates) and movement/weapon parts can’t be stretched
  • Set block scales can be done with SHIFT+SCROLLWHEEL UP/DOWN
  • Precons = Copy+Pasting groups of objects, which you can then save by pressing [Q] and dragging it from the bottom into inventory space,
  • To delete precon, drag it out of inventory.
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  • Powerful robocrafts have two seats, one controls the piloting, second controls additional turret(s), if you see a player exit their robocraft near you, wait for them or get closer to them so they can enter the powerful robocraft.
  • Lasers are the most efficient weapon for capturing Towers.
  • And Railguns also deals less damage if you are close to the target, so avoid close combat when using it.
  • Railguns require your bot to be Heavy in order to be Accurate.


Thanks for contribution to:

  • Morality9
  • Robocraft 2 Discord server
  • Robocraft 2 Developers


Written by ECYsh364

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