Robocraft - How to Earn Many Robits

Robocraft – How to Earn Many Robits

This guide will help you to prepare for the next robocraft update, and benefit from it as much as possible. Enjoy!


Note: This guide will expire when the new update comes out.

Ok, so as you probably know, a big robocraft update is right around the corner. Its supposed to show up mid november. If you are not familiar with it, its called the Infinity update. The big thing about this update is the way it messes with player robits and building parts. By the time the update launches every player will get infinite amount of a specific item as long as it is unlocked on the tech tree. Now for the robits, they are getting completely removed from the game, however before they do get removed they will be transformed into cosmetic cash! What does it mean for us? We want to get as many robits as possible, so that after the update we can get a lot of cosmetic cash. For more information about the update visit:

Alright, so how do we start?

#1 Clear your garage

Delete all of the unnecesary robots you have built. If you have any you want to keep, keep them, but try to remove as many as possible so that you can recycle more building parts later on.

#2 Make a good robot

You need to make sure it will be sufficient till the update comes in. Test it, and make sure its good, you will need to grind with it for the best results.

#3 Start grinding and spending tech points

Premium will help as it will boost your experience gain hence you will get more tech points.
24 hour premium should be enough, since it gives you enough time to grind and later on recycle your parts for more robits. After you get your tech points you want to go down the tech tree and unlock all light and compact cubes. After unlocking light cubes You get 1000 copies of them and with premium you can sell them for 186 robits each, so 186000 for the whole stack. As for compact cubes you will also get 1000 copies upon unlocking them, however they sell for 375 robits (with premium) for 1 piece, so for the whole stack you will get 375000 robits. Not bad for a piece that cost only 5 tech points, right?

#4 Recycle

Now the fun part. Its time for recycling! Make sure you have premium to maximize your income.

Recycle all your blocks, weapons, movement parts… litteraly everything you have.
If it takes you a long time, try setting up a left-click macro on your mouse. If you dont have that option, you can also hold left shift while recycling to recycle 10 parts at a time. Watch your robits flowing and enjoy!

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