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Roboquest Commando Perk Ratings +Builds

Roboquest Commando Perk Ratings +Builds

Rating all primary perks for Commando. Secondary perks are considered when valuing a primary perk, as well as synergy with other perks.

Ratings all considered for Heroes +4 difficulty.

Tier List

Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

S Tier

Every 4 shots increases your next weapon shot damage by 60%.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Trinity:
    Elemental damage has 25% chance to ricochet on 1 enemy within 6m, dealing 25% damage.
  • Vaporize:
    Elemental damage instantly executes enemies with less than 8% health remaining.

The most unconditionally strong damage upgrade on Commando. Good damage in almost every build, with no overly obtuse requirements to get it.

Scanning Burst:
Shorty marks enemies and ricochets on 2 enemy within 8m for 25% damage.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Family Pack:
    Increases Scanning Burst ricochet damage by 50%.
  • Advanced Analysis:
    Increases Scanning Burst ricochet target amount by 1.

Another strong damage increase for very little effort. Scanning burst is capable of marking almost entire rooms in one go, giving a nice 25% damage bonus with little effort. Fits into almost every build, with great synergies with ones like Shorty:Headhunter, or Simple Geometry.

A Tier

Self Control:
Increases maximum fury by 4 points. Generates 2 fury points every 3s. Fury no longer fades over time but taking damage consumes 12 points.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Cold Oil:
    Increases maximum fury bonus by 2 points. Reduces the amount of fury points consumed when taking damage by 4.
  • Fighting Pulse:
    Increases maximum fury by 2 points. Increases the amount of fury points generated by Self Control by 1.

With fury not decaying anymore and increasing the max fury stacks, this perk represents a great increase in the effectiveness of Fury (firerate, reloadspeed, movespeed). Increasing the cap by a total of 8 points, it represents 16% more firerate than the base at max stacks, and since stacks no longer decay you’ll be at max stacks more often, resulting in an even greater average increase, alongside great synergy with Mini-missiles and Repair O’ Fury.

Effects generating fury also generate a Mini-Missiles charge (max. 10). Shooting consumes a charge to fire one explosive homing projectile dealing 18 damage.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Mini-Generator:
    Automatically generates a Mini-Missiles charge every 1s.
  • Mini-Elemental:
    Choose an element. Mini-Missiles deals damage of that element.

A great source of damage granted you get the secondary perks. With the reliance on fury to generate charges aside from Mini-Generator, you can combine this perk with the aforementioned Self Control to essentially double the passive output of Mini-Missiles, making said combination incredibly potent. Also works to a lesser but still good extent with Robzerker. Use a faster firing weapon if you want to maximize the output of missiles.

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Repairs a part of your scratch damage every second for each fury point.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Full Throttle:
    While you have no scratch damage, increases firerate and reload speed by 20%.
  • Stubbornness:
    While you have no scratch damage, increases armor by 15%.

Pretty much commandos only designated survival perk, and a very good one at that. Heals off scratches incredibly easily while also providing great bonuses before you get hit, and has great synergy with the two other fury perks Self Control and Robzerker. Much needed bulk for commando for which he has very little.

Increases health by 10%. Taking damage generates 3 fury points and increases your damage by 30% for 6s.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Abs of Steel:
    While Robzerker is active, increases armor by 20%.
  • Retaliation:
    Deals 37 damage and apply high impact to enemies dealing damage to you.

Great perk for increasing your brawling abilities, with a little bit of everything you’d want when you’re playing in the thick of it. Has good synergies with perks like Repair o Fury to heal off the scratches you’ll inevitably take or Self Control to mitigate the losses when taking damage. Retaliation is a bit weak though.

Warning Rocket:
Using Rocket increases weapons and Shorty damage by 35% for 6s.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Battle Fever:
    Using Rocket instantly recovers Shorty cooldown.
  • Battle Fever:
    While Warning Rocket is active, increases weapon auto-critical chance by 25%

Yeah both secondaries are named the same. Sizable damage increase that’s not hard to achieve, though with only 60% up-time without extra perks since the rocket’s base CD is 10s. Has good synergy with Rocket Mag, letting you alternate between Shorty and Rockets constantly to keep up the bonuses.

B Tier

Rocket Mag:
Increases Rocket charge amount by 1 and reduces its cooldown by 2s.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Big Mama:
    Every third Rocket, increases its damage by 60% and its explosion radius by 60%.
  • Rocket Load:
    Hitting an enemy with Shorty reduces Rocket cooldown by 2s.

The only perk that really increases your rocket uptime, and its very good at it. While on their own, rockets do not represent a lot of damage for Commando, the synergies with this perk like Fan o Rockets or Warning Rocket make this a great addition to any build wanting to fire off rockets more often.

Hot Potato:
Increases weapon damage by 20% but reduces your weapon slots by 1. Every 4s, reloading a magazine weapon throws it dealing 90 explosive damage.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Full Price:
    Increases Hot Potato throw damage by 25% and its explosion radius by 25%.
  • Microwave:
    Reduces Hot Potato cooldown by 2s.

Very neat and fun perk. Gives you a decent damage increase and a new form of burst damage at the cost of a weapon slot, which is more than made up for by the reload replacement. Throwing your weapon is lightning fast, and depending on your weapon you’ll easily make the time of the base cooldown before you need to reload again especially with Microwave. Doesn’t have too much synergy aside from I guess Baby Boom, but it’s a solid pickup for some extra damage sources.

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Simple Geometry:
Critical hits ricochet on 1 enemy within 8m, dealing 40% damage. Critical hits against marked enemies trigger 1 more ricochets.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Big Angle:
    Increases Simple Geometry ricochet range by 2m.
  • Greeting Shot:
    Increases your first hit critical damage against an enemy by 20%.

Great room clear boost, with the only caveat being that commando isn’t the most inclined character to play for crits. Can do some work with Quadrinity and/or Scanning Burst and Shorty:Headhunter, but is relatively weak on Commando compared to the other classes that have this one.

Point Blank:
Increases weapons and Shorty damage by 35% against enemies within 7m.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Frontliner:
    While an enemy is within 7m, increases armor by 10%.
  • Nose Breaker:
    Increases Shorty bonus damage by 35% against enemies within 7m.

Chunky damage increase if you can get up close. The only problem is that Commando is sorely lacking in the survival tools to stay in like that without some other perks to help out like Repair o Fury or Robzerker. With either of those perks however, this becomes an incredibly potent boost in damage for a brawling playstyle.

C Tier

Baby Boom:
Explosions have a 35% chance to trigger a second time with 35% increased radius but 50% decreased damage.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Lucky Powder:
    Increases explosions auto-critical chance by 20%.
  • Group Discount:
    Increases explosion damage by 30% when hitting multiple enemies.

A rather inconsistent and middling damage increase for explosions.

Elemental Powder:
Choose an element. Increases damage of that element by 1% for each fury point. Rocket and Shorty deal damage of that element.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Punishment:
    Increases Rocket and Shorty damage by 20% against burning enemies.
  • Vaporize:
    Elemental damage instantly executes enemies with less than 8% health remaining.

Due to the high elemental application rate of abilities, this perk can boost the damage of your abilities if you choose fire substantially or give them extra utility with shock or cyro. However, this upgrades only your abilities, with a middling increase to elemental damage otherwise. Building around your ability damage can make killing things without them miserable, so I’d suggest picking up something like Warning Rocket to help.

Fan of Rockets:
Rocket fires 2 additional projectiles but their damage are decreased by 25%. Rocket is no longer homing.
Commando Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Happy Load:
    Using Rocket has 20% chance to instantly recover its cooldown.
  • More Rockets!:
    Further increases Rocket additional projectiles by 2 but decreases their damage by 15%.
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Requires a lot to work. With the secondaries, the spread on the rockets can get pretty wide. Forcing you to get close or position yourself so that the rocket spread can be utilized which is risky without any survivability perks. On top of that, the synergies with this one are all in the rockets and as I mentioned previously, putting all your stock into your abilities can make fighting without them miserable. If you have the full slew of perks though, it can blast away rooms of enemies and deal immense damage to bosses.

Shorty Prototype:
Commando Perk Ratings + BuildsShorty: Headhunter
Transforms Shorty into Shorty: Headhunter. It fires a long range shot with 50% increased critical ratio. Applying a critical hit with Shorty: Headhunter instantly recover its cooldown.

  • Special Delivery:
    Taking down an enemy with Shorty: Headhunter makes your next Rocket critical.
  • Unstable Spear:
    Taking down an enemy with Shorty: Headhunter triggers an explosion.

Shorty: Wild Burster
Transforms Shorty into Shorty: Wild Burster. It deals explosive damage and 15% increased damage.

  • House Blend:
    Increases Shorty explosion radius by 50%.
  • Surprise Blast:
    Using Shorty has 30% chance to instantly recover its cooldown.

Headhunter is pretty dang strong with the right setup, but makes you ride or die with getting consistent headshots with no way of making it easier. As funny as it is to get Electro Powder on it and unload into a bosses weakpoint, it requires too much effort for mobbing.

Wild Burster is a decent increase in damage for the shorty, but only for the shorty. Where other damage perks like Point Blank or Warning Rocket apply to your weapon too, this one is much less desirable, especially between it and headhunter.

D Tier

At the very least commando doesn’t have any perks that I’d tell you to never pick up ever.

Build Suggestions

Rocket Pod

Commando Perk Ratings + BuildsCommando Perk Ratings + Builds
A deadly duo, with Self Control providing the extra fury charges to allow you to shoot out more Mini Missiles. Self Control synergizes very well with other perks too, like Repair o Fury, Robzerker, or even Elemental Powder, letting you add pretty much anything. Once you get the engine rolling, use a decently fast firing weapon to let the rockets fly


Commando Perk Ratings + BuildsCommando Perk Ratings + BuildsCommando Perk Ratings + Builds
The right perks for getting into the thick of battle. Shrug off any stray damage while dishing out heaps of your own.


Commando Perk Ratings + BuildsCommando Perk Ratings + BuildsCommando Perk Ratings + Builds
Bad pun I know. Pretty basic synergy between the Marks from Scanning Burst enhancing your damage and ricochet count from Simple Geometry, with Trinity giving you some free crits to help.

Written by AvianZebra

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