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Roboquest Engineer Perk Ratings +Builds

Roboquest Engineer Perk Ratings +Builds

  • Rating all primary perks for Engineer. Secondary perks are considered when valuing a primary perk, as well as synergy with other perks.
  • Ratings all considered for Heroes +3 difficulty.
  • Remember this is just my OPINION, and our experiences might be vastly different.

Tier List

Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

S Tier

Elemental Mastery:
Pyro Mastery: Increases burn damage by 10%. Burn damage has a 10% chance to spread 18 burn damage over time to enemies within 6m.
Electro Mastery: Increases shock damage by 10%. Stunning an enemy has 25% chance to deal 150 shock damage to it.
Cryo Mastery: Increases cryo damage by 10%. You automatically deal critical damage against frozen enemies.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Split:
    Elemental damage has 25% chance to ricochet on 1 enemy within 6m, dealing 25% damage.
  • Vaporize:
    Elemental damage instantly executes enemies with less than 8% health remaining.

Absolutely vital build enabler. Pyro mastery allows you to clear rooms mindlessly with fire damage and Cryo mastery allows some fun synergies with drones and other damage sources. Electro mastery is decent, but is not as vital as Pyro or Cryo to their respective builds.

Elemental Sparks:
Choose an element. Picking up scraps generates Elemental Sparks charges. Shooting consumes a charge to fire one homing projectile of that element.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Boom Sparks:
    Sparks deals explosive damage and 100% increased damage but generates 2 less charge per scrap.
  • Spark Generator:
    Using Summon-Buddies or triggering Repair-Buddies generates 20 PyrSparks charges.

Very strong damage increase and a ludicrous amount of elemental application rate. Very easy to keep the sparks count high, even with Boom Sparks. Since the best engineer builds are all about that elemental damage, this is an amazing source of it. Use a fast firing weapon to maximize your burst damage. Also on Boom Sparks, the description says it deals explosive damage but in-game it still does the chosen elemental damage, which essentially doubles the already great throughput.

A Tier

Elemental Buddies:
Choose an element. Your drones deal damage of that element.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Wizards:
    Increases dones application rate by 10%
  • Elemental Revenge:
    Your drones deal 30 burn damage to enemies dealing damage to them.

Another great source of elemental application, but this time a little less reliable, as the drones themselves can be unreliable, but still reliable enough for this perk to be strong, just as long as it isnt your only source of elemental application.

Elemental Blaster:
Choose an element. Scrap Blaster deals damage of that element and using Scrap Blaster increases damage of that element by 25% for 6s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Condiut:
    While Elemental Blaster is active, increases elemental application rate by 10%.
  • Power Surge:
    While Elemental Blaster is active, increases weapons firerate by 15%.

Very strong elemental damage boost, especially on fire builds. The scrap blaster itself also is enough to shock/freeze most non-boss enemies in one shot, making it a neat utility in those builds.

Safety Trick:
Using Summon-Buddies or triggering Repair-Buddies deploys an invulnerable bubble around you for 3s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Pulse:
    Choose an element. While Safety Trick is active, you deal damage of that element every 0.5s to enemies within
  • Safe Space:
    While Safety Trick is active, repairs 5% of your scratch damage every second.

A survival tool with a hint of AoE that goes from solid to downright busted depending on the build. Because your ability recharges faster with scrap, you can achieve insane up-time on Safety Trick as long as you collect enough scrap before it runs out, such as from Scrap’splosion or a bunch of Scrap Blaster cooldown reductions.

Scrap Snacks:
Triggering Repair-Buddies increases drones firerate by 50% for 5s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Baby Swimmer:
    Deploying a drone triggers Scrap Snacks.
  • Pack Leader:
    While Scrap Snacks is active, increases weapons firerate by 30%.

Solid DPS increase for your drones, and yourself with Pack Leader. Usually best used with Elemental Buddies, but could have some niche uses with Geared Buddies: Scanner.

B Tier

Elemental Weapon:
Choose an element. All your weapons also deal damage of that element.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Elemental Arc:
    Every 5s, your next weapons shot fires a piercing elemental arc dealing 105 damage.
  • Elemental Obstinacy:
    Increases elemental damage by 100% against enemies with elemental resistance.

A great convenience more than anything if you’re going for an elemental build. Compared to Elemental Sparks, this one is much more tame, but Obstinacy can be nice to have especially in floors with a lot of elemental resistance like Energy Center or Haven City Corrupted.

Targeting Protocol:
Your drones target enemies hit by Scrap Blaster with 100% increased damage for 6s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Unleashed Buddies:
    Hitting an enemy with Scrap Blaster increases drones firerate by 150% for 2s.
  • Scrap Collector:
    Scrap Blaster hits drop 1 additional scrap.

If your drones are upgraded in any way, they will absolutely shred through anything you shoot this at. Great for taking out pesky targets and doing chunks against bosses, but relies on your drones being upgraded to be truly effective.

Family Swarm:
Increases the maximum amount of drones you can deploy by 1 but decreases their damage by 30%.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Eco-Buddies:
    Your drones drop 5 scrap and 5 healing-cell when destroyed.
  • More Soliders!:
    Further increases the maximum amount of drones you can deploy by 1 but decreases their damage by 30%.

Same as Targeting Protocol, but more about sustained output rather than concentrated burst. What’s also the same is the reliance on upgraded drones to be effective.

Increases critical damage by 10%. Critical takedowns triggers an explosion dealing 52 damage and dropping 4 scraps.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Good Fortune:
    Increases auto-critical chance by 10%.
  • Jackpot:
    Critical hits have 15% chance to deal 50% increased damage.

Normally it’s a strong increase in scrap collection if you’re a good shot, but it becomes obscene when paired with Cryo Mastery. Since every frozen enemy killed would now count as a Critical takedown, your scrap economy sky rockets, allowing you to constantly proc Repair Buddies or spew out Elemental Sparks. Insane in that particular synergy, otherwise its alright.

Drone Bubble:
Increases drones health by 10%. Using Summon-Buddies or triggering Repair-Buddies grants drones an invulnerable bubble for 6s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Mocking Buddies:
    Your drones draw enemies’ attention more efficiently.
  • Tough Family:
    While Drone Bubble is active, increases armor by 30%.

The only other survival focused skill on Engineer. Mocking Buddies does a decently well job at diverting aggro from yourself, and Tough Family is a nice armor boost, but compared to Safety Trick it’s nothing special, especially on builds that don’t care too much for drones.

C Tier

Lock N’ Load:
Increases reload speed by 20%. Reloading a weapon increases firerate by 40% for 4s.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Gun Diet:
    Increases firerate by 25% while below 50% ammo in clip or above 50% energy gauge.
  • Infinite Mag:
    Triggering Lock N’ Load grants infinite ammo for 1.5s.

Decent dps increase if you reload a bunch but compared to other classes Engineer has nothing that directly synergizes with this perk, making it an unattractive option, especially in elemental builds.

Geared Buddies:
Choose an additional weapon for your drones. They use it in addition to their starting weapon.
Rocket – Your drones fire an explosive missile dealing 18 damage every 4s
Javelin – Your drones fire a critical ray dealing 15 damage every 4s
Scanner – Your drones fire a explosive marking projectile every 6s
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Hard Geared:
    Choose another additional weapon for your drones. They use it in addition to their other weapons but with decreased firerate.
  • Oiled Alt-Fire:
    Increases drones additional weapons firerate by 35% but decreases their starting weapon firerate by 25%.

It’s decent, but compared to Elemental Buddies it requires much more to work and is less reliable.

D Tier

Baby Boom:
Explosions have 35% chance to trigger a second time with 35% increased radius but 50% decreased damage.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Lucky Powder:
    Increases explosions auto-critical chance by 20%.
  • Group Discount:
    Increases explosion damage by 30% when hitting multiple enemies.

This perk seriously has nothing to do with Engineer. Has like no synergies with anything, and even for the stuff it does, it is not nearly as effective as the alternatives.

Fork Blaster:
Scrap Blaster fires 2 additional projectiles but their damage are decreased by 30% and generates 1 less scrap on hit.
Engineer Perk Ratings + Builds

  • Menu-Extra-Blast:
    Further increases Scrap Blaster additional projectiles by 2 but decreases their damage by 20% and they generate 1 less scrap on hit.
  • Surprise Blast:
    Using Scrap Blaster has 30% chance to instantly recover its cooldown.

Engineer does a really bad impression of Commando’s fan of rockets except with way worse splash radius forcing you to use it from even closer, and worse synergies.

Build Suggestions

Elemental Onslaught

Engineer Perk Ratings + BuildsEngineer Perk Ratings + BuildsEngineer Perk Ratings + Builds
Choose all Fire to light a few enemies and watch the whole room burn. Choose all Shock to stun bots at a ludicrous rate. Choose all Cryo to amp up you and your drones with guaranteed crits. Pick a matching weapon or pick up Elemental Sparks/Elemental Weapon, and watch out for resistances.

Ice Shatter

Engineer Perk Ratings + BuildsEngineer Perk Ratings + BuildsEngineer Perk Ratings + Builds
Cryo Sparks to freeze enemies, Cryo Mastery to guarantee crits, Scrapslosion to get more scraps for more Cryo Sparks. A deadly trifecta that will have you steamrolling enemies, and with the obscene scrap economy allows near 100% up-time of perks like Safety Trick, turning this into probably the strongest build in the game. Make sure to use a decently fast weapon to shoot Sparks faster.

Where the Drone builds at?

You really can just toss any combination of drone perks together and it’ll probably be okay, but for me the most effective drone builds are the one that are also just elemental builds with Elemental Buddies.

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