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Rogue Spirit Character Stats and Essences (v0.98)

This is a reference of characters’ minimum stats, as well as the coin cost and effect of essences. The contents are up-to-date as of v0.98.

Characters’ Minimum Stats

In Rogue Spirit, enemy characters will have randomized max health, primary attack damage, and secondary attack damage when possessed. Depending on the class of those characters, the possible values of these stats will vary, as well as the damage type (melee or ranged) of their attacks. Below is a table of the minimum stats of each class:

ClassMinimum Stats
Max HealthPrimary DamageSecondary Damage
Brawler7015 (melee)10 (melee)
Warden6012 (melee)6 (melee)
Tribesman6010 (melee)10 (melee)
Sabre5012 (melee)10 (melee)
Shadow5010 (melee)5 (melee)
Bandit508 (melee)12 (melee)
Mantis506 (melee)12 (melee)
Slicer456 (melee)5 (melee)
Chief6010 (melee)7 (ranged)
Sentinel5510 (melee)8 (ranged)
Reaver558 (melee)8 (ranged)
Slasher5011 (melee)5 (ranged)
Marksman4515 (ranged)6 (ranged)
Deadeye4012 (ranged)2 (ranged)
Dancer409 (ranged)5 (ranged)
Ninja408 (ranged)8 (ranged)
Harpooner407 (ranged)8 (ranged)

※ Calculating the three random stats’ final values:
Final Stat = Minimum Stat * (1 + Base Stat Roll) * (1 + Total from Essences) * Melee/Ranged Damage (as applicable)

※ Even though the randomized stat percentages are displayed without decimal points, there are actually slight deviations that result in the displayed base stat being very precise.

Passive Essences

Throughout each stage, there are two blue Essence Stones. Breaking one of these will reward you with a choice of three different Essences that boost your character’s attributes.

These are the passive Essences you could potentially find:

Passive EssenceAttributeCost (Common/Rare/Legendary)Modifier (Common/Rare/Legendary)
Health BoosterMax Health150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Primary Attack BoosterPrimary Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Secondary Attack BoosterSecondary Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Melee MasteryMelee Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Ranged MasteryRanged Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Skill MasterySkill Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Critical OutlookCritical Hit Chance125/200/2753%/5%/7%
Critical EmpowermentCritical Damage150/225/30010%/15%/20%
Thick SkinPhysical Reduction120/180/2404%/6%/8%
Elemental MasteryElemental Damage120/180/24010%/15%/20%
Elemental ResistanceFire Reduction, Cold Reduction, Electric Reduction120/180/2404%/6%/8%

※ When having an elemental effect (Fire, Cold, or Thunder), resistance to that effect is increased by 75%, but resistance to the other two are decreased by 75%.

※ Currently, there are no obtainable Essences that increase Charged Attack Multiplier, Backstab Damage Multiplier, or Elite Damage Multiplier.

Skill Essences

There is a single yellow Essence Stone in each stage. Breaking it will reward you with a choice of three Essences (similar to the blue stones) that add bonus effects to your character’s abilities. These Essences can be obtained up to a certain number of times to multiply their effects, after which they will stop appearing in a run:

Skill EssenceCostMax TierEffect
Focused Possession2505Possessing a body reduces skill cooldowns by (10% per level).
Empowered Possession3503After possessing new character, player deals 150% increased damage for (2s per level).
Chilling Possession2502After possessing a body there is a (50% chance per level) to leave a cold mine in its location.
Swift Arrow3003Executing dash fire an arrow dealing (10 damage per level) towards dash direction
Swift Fire2505(20% chance per level) to spawn fire effect on dash.
Swift Defensive3003After dashing for 2s, the damage taken by the player is reduced by (20% per level).
Vampiric Assault4003Charged attack regenerates (1 health per level).
Carnage Arrow2503Breaking things fire 2 arrows in a random direction. Each arrow deals (10 damage per level).
Defensive Precision2503Increases Critical Hit Chance by (20% per level) for 2s after a successful parry.
Defensive Revenge3005Successful parry deals (7 damage per level).
Cleave3003Primary Attack has a 30% chance to spread (10% damage per level) on nearby enemies.
Skillful Fitness2505Using a skill regenerates (20% of stamina per level).
Focused Elimination2505Killing enemy reduces skill cooldowns by (1 second per level).
Dire Empowerment3005Deal (30% more damage per level) while you are at low health.
Ghost Fury2503Increases Critical Hit Chance by (20% per level) for 2s after performing attack in Ghost form.
Elemental Touch2503After successful use of skill that deals elemental damage to an enemy, there is (20% chance per level) to give player elemental power of the same element.
Explosive Backstab3005Enemy killed with a backstab attack explodes, dealing (7 damage per level) to nearby enemies.

※ Damage dealt with most skill Essences scales with Skill Damage modifiers. The only exceptions to this are Cleave, which is tied to the primary attack’s damage and Explosive Backstab, which does not scale with any modifier (outside of re-obtaining the Essence).

Miscellaneous Notes

※ Enemies can be of a certain rarity, which affects the range of values for their Base Stat Rolls when possessed, listed below:

RarityBase Stat Roll

※ There are five challenges per run, one for Sunflower Pass (Defeat enemies by parrying), The Suburbs (Survive for a duration as Spirit is unlimited and health constantly drains), Royal Gardens (Defeat all enemies, who have a shared health pool), Forest of Souls (Defeat enemies by dashing into them), and Copper Caverns (Defeat enemies using elemental weaknesses).

Completing a challenge will award two passive Essences, picked at random but can be seen beforehand.

※ The shop at the start of the game as well as between stages sells 3 passive Essences and 2 skill Essences at a time, which can be re-rolled (and restocked if purchased) for 50 coins.

※ Completing all challenges and breaking all Essence Stones in a run will grant a total of 25 Essences (20 passive, 5 skill). Maxing out the meta upgrade that retains random Essences between runs (up to 5) increases this count to 30.


Thanks for reading this guide! If you find any errors with the info provided, please leave a comment below.

Good luck out there, Spirits!

Written by Jcubed the Yoshi

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