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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Arhi’s Legendary the Oblivion Orb

Guide to get Arhi’s legendary the “Oblivion Orb”.

Get the quest

You have to unlock the Arcane forge by upgrading the “CRIMSON AMULET” you got in the main quest to the max level.

To do that, go back to “the drowned port”

And go to point A

Arhi's legendary

If you have progressed enough in the main story, an npc will do it automatically

Then go back to “LIBRARY OF AGONY”, take the north path, and you can now open the door
Proceed to read every single books against the walls, it will trigger mini cutscenes and give you all legendaries quests.

Obtain the icefox Token

Brace yourself and go back into the vault of the Vesani

You can skip the whole part that follow, and direcly go to the puzzle if you would like to.
But i’ll explain how to get the solution by yourself if you are interested. And in addition you will get the enchanting station by getting elementals stones on golems.

Go point (1)
Get the memory

Go point (2)
Activate the golems, get treasures and one more elemental stone.

Arhi's legendary-1

Go point (3)
Get the Command type memory

Go to point (4)
Kill the golem, and the puzzle solution will show up

Arhi's legendary-2


Go point A

Arhi's legendary-3

Look around, you’ll have a puzzle to solve

And here’s the solution

Arhi's legendary-4

Then open the chest

Obtain the foxfire Token

This token lies in the vault of the blackbirds.
To access that vault, you need to put three satues in the other three vaults in the right direction.

In the shadow vaults:

Arhi's legendary-5

Point A, Make the statue face NORTH EAST

In the vault of the giants:

Arhi's legendary-6

Point B, Make the statue face NORTH

In the vault of the Vesani:

Arhi's legendary-7

Point C, Make the statue face NORTH WEST

Then a text line will apear, and you’ll unlock the fast travel to the Vault of the blackbirds.
Go there, and the token is in the main chest

Obtain the Midnight fox Token

This token is in the spirit realm.

To get there you need an item called ETHEREAL LENS.
A quest called THROUGH THE LENS that start in the Baron’s rest by talking to the demacian lady give you that.

Once you’ve finished that, rifts will become visible, you have to go in all of them and claim the chests

Slaughter docks

Arhi's legendary-8

The Warrens

Arhi's legendary-9

Grey Harbor

Arhi's legendary-10

Rift on A, chest on B

Windrake Isle

Arhi's legendary-11

Then go back to Doks Harbor and head to the low tide market

Arhi's legendary-12

An enemy will engage you, defeat him and you’ll get your token.

Written by Petit Tabouret

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