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Ruined King: A League of Legends Story – Miss Fortune’s Legendary, Abigale’s Legacy

Guide to get MF’s legendary “Abigale’s legacy”.

Get the quest

You have to unlock the Arcane forge by upgrading the “CRIMSON AMULET” you got in the main quest to the max level.

To do that, go back to “the drowned port”

And go to point A

Miss Fortune's Legendary

If you have progressed enough in the main story, an npc will do it automatically

Then go back to “LIBRARY OF AGONY”, take the north path, and you can now open the door
Proceed to read every single books against the walls, it will trigger mini cutscenes and give you all legendaries quests.

Source a gunpowder worthy of Abigale’s craftmanship

You got it when you read the MF related book in the arcane forge

Locate the designs for a custom trigger assembly

5 parts :

You MUST have MF as main char to see those

-Fortune estate, in the main office left side of the room, in the plants

Miss Fortune's Legendary-1

-Docks harbor, in the Lighthouse, you need to buy the key to unlock that area (20 black marks in the low tide market) go up and it’s next to the telescope

Miss Fortune's Legendary-2

-Slaughter Docks, on the middle of the bridge

Miss Fortune's Legendary-3

-Jagged Hooks Warehouse, On the floor somewhere on your natural path cant remember precisely sorry

Miss Fortune's Legendary-4

-WatchTower, on the counter next to the fast travel, behind the npcs

Miss Fortune's Legendary-5

Aquire Suitable volcanic gun barrels

You got them by solving the maze in the Twisted paths

You unlock that area when you read the mf’s related book in the Arcane forge

Go there and do exactly as it follow :

  • N stand for NORTH
  • W stand for WEST
  • E stand for EAST
  • S stand for SOUTH


If you have trouble knowing where the north is, use the four pillars in the very begining

Then you will have to solve a riddle
I did two differents games, and got the same answers, maybe is random, i cant be sure
But if you have the same as i had, the answer was

2 times WEST ans one time NORTH WEST.

Written by Petit Tabouret

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