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Rune Factory 5 All Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide

All Bachelor & Bachelorette Gifts (Loves, Likes, Neutral, Dislikes and Hates).


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-17Loved: Cake, Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookie, Steamed Chocolate Cake, Yam

Liked:Apple Pie, Big Charm Blue, Charm Blue, Cheesecake, Chocolate, Feathers, Fireflower, Flan, French Toast, Giant Fireflower, Hot Chocolate, Hot Milk, King Pink Cat, Pancake, Pink Cat

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Fish (except Squid), Liquid (All), Mushrooms, Object X, Trash Items

Hated: Squid (All)

Fūka (Steam Censor English Name)

Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-18Loved: Golden Salmon, Golden Octopus, Marlin, Emerald

Liked: Fish, Crystal Flowers, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Love Crystal, Ruby, Diamond, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Crystal Skull

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Carrot, Royal Carrot, Green Pepper, Green Pepper Rex, Pickles, Pickled Turnip, Object X, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot

Hated: Onion, Ultra Onion, Pickle Mix


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-19Loved: Emery Flower, Giant Emery Flower, White Crystal, Giant White Crystal, Salted R. Trout

Liked: Non grass Flowers, Flower Seeds, R. Trout, Rainbow Sashimi, Handknit Scarf, Fluffy Scarf, Thread, Rings, Love Scale, Prelude to Love

Neutral: N/A

Disliked: All other Furs and Downs, Object X, Trash

Hated: Crimson Fur, Quality Fur

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Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-20Loved: Tempura Bowl, Golden Squid Rice, Tempura Udon, Rock Fish Sashimi

Liked: All other Rice dishes, Vegetable Fry, Boiled Spinach

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Yosenabe, Okonomiyaki, Union Stew, Cabbage Cakes, Object X, Trash

Hated: Leek, Big Leek, Onion, Ultra Onion


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-21Loved: Glitter Snapper, Tuna, Salmon Onigiri, Sacred Pole, Famous Pole

Liked: Fish, Fishing Poles, Milk, Fruit, Monkey Plush

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Spider’s Thread, Ghost Hood, Object X, Scrap Metal, Trash

Hated: Devil Horn, Devil Blood, Skull


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-22Loved: Meteor Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Jam, Strawberry Milk, Gold Juice, Mixed Smoothie

Liked: Strawberry, Sultan Strawberry, Meteor Strawberry, Jam Roll, Mixed Juice, Apple, Baked Apple, Apple Jam, Apple Pie, Cake, Fruit Sandwich, Flan, Pumpkin Flan, Bread

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Doria, Seafood Doria, Gratin, Seafood Gratin, Object X, Trash Items

Hated: Hot Milk, Hot Chocolate, Union Stew


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-23Loved: Devil Horn, Devil Blood, Mermaid Scales, Ice Cream, Croquettes

Liked: Fairy Elixir, Great Hammer Shard, Ancient Fish Fin, Poison King, Wind Crystal, Popcorn, Roasted Yam, Glazed Yam, French Fries, Toast, Jam Roll, Baked Onigiri, Baked Apple, Sweet Potato

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Curry Rice, Curry Manju, Curry Bread, Dry Curry, Curry Udon, Object X, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot

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Hated: Ultimate Curry, Royal Curry


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-24Loved: Pink Melon, Relax Tea, Fruit Sandwich, Ammonite

Liked: Crystal Skull, Brooches, Fruits, Fish Fossil, Ancient Fish Fin, Dragon Bones, Unbroken Ivory Tusk, Conqueror Melon

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Cheese, Milk, Yogurt, Object X, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot

Hated: Hot Milk, Milk Porridge


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-25Loved: Tempura, Fried Udon, Tempura Udon, Curry Udon

Liked: Crystals, Liquids, Udon, Curry Rice, Mysterious Powder, Can, Rare Can

Neutral Everything else.

Disliked: Object X, All other trash

Hated: None


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-26Loved: Farm tools over level 45, Sandwich, Toast, Jam Roll

Liked: Formuade, Invinciroid, Cold Medicine, Object X, Silver Boots, Iron Shield, Mail, Turnip Seeds, Pink Turnip Seeds, Strawberry Seeds, Yam Seeds, Potato Seeds, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Crystals, Gems, All other Trash items

Hated: All Cores


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-27Loved: Power Gloves, Champion Belt, Hero’s Proof, Grilled Skipjack, Union Stew

Liked: Golem stones, Big Giant’s Nail, Dragon Fang, Blue Giant’s Glove, Pizza, Seafood Pizza, Dumplings, Meat Dumpling, Chinese Manju, Gyoza, Steamed Gyoza, Boiled Gyoza

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Cake, Cheesecake, Pancakes, French Toast, Chocolate, Object X, Scrap Metal, Weeds, Withered Grass, Failed Dish, Disgusting Food, Rock, Branch, Can, Rare Can, Boot

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Hated: Chocolate Cake, Chocolate Cookies, Chocolate Sponge


Bachelor & Bachelorette Gift Guide-28Loved: Draconic Stone, Orichalcum, Fruit Sandwich

Liked: Ores, Fruits, Scrap Metal, Scrap Metal+, Ammonite, Pink Melon, Conqueror Melon

Neutral: Everything else.

Disliked: Mushrooms, Abalone, Blowfish, Object X, Dry Grass, Weeds, Failed Dish, Super Failed Dish, Stone, Branch, Empty Can, Boot

Hated: Awabi butter, Blowfish Sashimi, Grilled Blowfish

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