Running With Rifles – How to Play and Fix Crashing with Old Mods

This is a guide to fix crashing with old unsupported mods like Running in the trenches, Casus Belli, Weltkrieg etc so you can still play it.


Hello, so in this guide, I’ll show you all how you can still play old mods. and fix the problem with crashing mid-game or loading screen

RWR, in the old days, have really great mods that overhaul the whole content. it gives us new theme, weapons, vehicle, factions etc.
some of this mods are Running in the Trenches, Weltkrieg, Casus Belli, Mass effect etc.

UNFORTUNATELY due to recent updates, these mods are unplayable and unsupported. you either crash right at the loading screen, or mid-game
But don’t lose hope my friend, if you do the instruction here correctly, you’ll be good to go to

Here are some of the “now unsupported mods” except Running with the dead.

Note: You CAN’T use this with pirated copy of the game, and you CAN’T use it for new mods. only old, unsupported mods that crash.

1. Download

Alright, the first step are to download this file that I prepared for you all
Just click the link, download, and grab a popcorn or drink while waiting for it to finish.

Download Link

And here is the file, downloaded.

2. Extracting

So, you downloaded file? Good.
The next step are to extract the file, you can use WinRAR or 7Zip. I use 7Zip, But just use what you prefer.

Here is how to do so:

Right click the file, and choose extract here, I use 7Zip.

And here how it should pretty much look like when it’s extracted.

3. Moving

If you extracted the file successfully, Great!
now into the “a bit complicated” part (but nah, It’s not, really).

First, Right click the file, and choose either cut or copy.

Second, go to folder where RWR is installed. it all depend on where you install it, mine are at “D:\SteamGames\steamapps\common” I’m sure yours are different. then Right Click, and Paste.

It should now look pretty much like this, beside the original RWR folder, just refresh the page if it doesn’t (I’m sure you guys know how to refresh)

4. Installing

Whoosh, the previous part are either easy or complicated for some of you.
But hey, if you are reading this, I guess you made it! alright now to install the file, It’s really simple. you just need to rename it.

Here how it should go:

Rename the original RWR folder to anything other than “RunningWithRifles”

Rename the “RunningWithRifles FIX” to “RunningWithRifles”. it should look like this.

5. Playing the game!

Okay, when you have done all those part before, you can now start playing the game.

Note: If you want to play the game using old mods with your friend, your friend should also follow this guide, or else it won’t work

Start up the game as usual from your library.

If you do the steps correctly, your game version now should be 1.63

And now let’s try to run Mass effect mods.

bam, It should now run flawlessly!

6. Revert change / Revert to latest version

now you may ask me “Okay cool cool we can play the mods again, BUT HOW DO WE GO BACK TO THE LATEST VERSION”.
before you stress yourself and shout that in front of your monitor, reverting back to the latest version is again, simple.
you just need to do the same step as step number 4. except it’s reversed.
Here how it should go :

Rename “RunningWithRifles” to “RunningWithRifles FIX” again

Then Rename “RunningWithRifles LATEST” to “RunningWithRifles

Play the game, and bam, it should be the latest version again!

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Written by Jagadhie

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