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Rust – Blueprints Level Guide

This is a quick pictures of blueprints for the various workbench levels that is current as of November 23, 2018. Remastered version from original one.


As a new player I had difficulty figuring out which blueprint came from what. This is a generalized summary via pictures as to what blueprint comes from what workbench. It is annoying that as a new player I would go to a wikia and it not be updated with the majority of it not even being kept up to date. Hopefully this at least helps some players out in figure what they need in order to get a certain Blueprint.

A few more statistics. It’s roughly 3200 Scrap to learn all Level 1 Blueprints.

Level 1 Blueprints

The following is acquired by Workbench Level 1.

Level 2 Blueprints

These are blueprints acquired from Workbench Level 2.

Level 3 Blueprints

These are acquired from Workbench Level 3.

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