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Rust – How to Survive Your First Day

This guide is about how to survive your first days of Rust. Whether you’re a new player or an older one, you may need a guide to show you how to survive in the magnificent game we call, Rust.

Your First Day

On your first day/night of Rust, after you’re done getting beaten by other nakeds with rocks, your first step should be to gather materials and make tools for yourself. After you’ve done that, you can gather more materials and start your base. (Watch out for animals and other players.) When you have completed that, you can try to hunt animals for food with your newly crafted tools/weapons. Once you have food, you’ll be all good for your first day in Rust.


This game is all about a hunting gathering sort of lifestyle. In-game, you MUST gather resources to survive the harsh lands of Rust. When scavenging, you have to search every corner of every place because you might miss out on some good loot. If you want to get stuff but not go out of your way to leave your little area, you might wanna try raiding other players bases to get the loot that they spent a while gathering and taking it from their grubby little hands.

Food Management

In Rust, food is essential to survive. When playing, you have 100 starting hunger, (the max is 250), so that you don’t die of starvation. You must look for abandoned stores/gas stations or look for food bins on the ground. Other than food, you must look for “clean” water to drink. As long as you scavenge regularly for food and water, you’ll survive.

Weapons and Armor

When playing Rust, to survive, you must have weapons to use at all times in the game such as the bow and arrow, but to not die instantly, you need to have armor as well like the Road Sign armor.

Weapons to start with:
1. Spear
2. Bow and arrow
3. Rock(s)
4. Bone Knife/Club

Armors to start with:
1. Wooden
2. Road Sign
3. Leather (Not that good as armor)
4. Bone

Other Players Encounters

When playing Rust, you well eventually encounter a new player. When you do, there are 3 things that may happen:

  • 1st, they will KoS (Kill on Sight)
  • 2nd, you will kill them.
  • 3rd, you both will be friends and work together to grow and increase in status within the world, but be careful that you don’t let your guard down as they can betray you at any moment.

The more people you encounter, the better. You’ll understand how the other players do things in-game. (killing you and others) But other than that, the game’s players can also be pretty nice, if you want to call it that, such as giving you stuff or helping you hunt animals or even other players.


In Rust, to survive, basically you need to build a base. The base building in Rust is full of building designs to build off of or you can build your own abstract design. A base can be however you want it to be. Tall, short, long ect. but make sure you upgrade your base to withstand whatever type of enemies that come your way. When building, also make sure that your building is stable because if not, it’ll break as you add onto it. And finally as you build, you can fill the base with whatever you want like beds, furnaces, shelves, ect.


Almost every vehicle in Rust cannot be driven or found. (Unless you’re an Admin.) To begin, at the launch site, you have a Tank/APC named the M3 Bradley which will attack on sight. Next, you have an Attack Helicopter that will come around every once in a while and it will attack only if you have weapons on your hot bar or if you have clothing/armor on. Next (again) you have another helicopter but this one is full of scientists that will KoS. Finally, you have a cargo ship that will go a bit around the island and it’s full of scientists but you can attack it by using small boats to get the loot that’s on it.

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