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Rust Mining Nodes Effectively

After playing the game for a considerable amount of time, I have noticed that there’s a common misconception about how nodes really work.

I’ve explained to friends how to mine nodes the quickest and easiest, they have all been surprised. I know most experienced players know this so this is more for people with less than a few hundred hours.


Stone: This basic node is the simple one to mine. It doesn’t matter what pickaxe you have, you should always hit the shining cross.

Metal And Sulfur: These are the special ones, but only when it comes to the Salvaged Icepick. When using the Salvaged Icepick to mine these nodes you have to purposely miss the shining cross on the first hit, then proceed to hit it all other times, This will reduce the hits needed to break the node by 1.

Jackhammers: Jackhammers are the blessing for farmers, but did you know you can use them in a safer, not as loud and still fast way?

Simply tap the button you use to mine, the jackhammer will hit the node twice from that tap. So repeatedly tap your mouse button whilst mining any node, this way you will be able to hear people sneaking up on you, as well as mining the nodes as quick as always!

Thank you for reading!

Written by Thelberg

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