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Rust – Taking Down the Patrol Helicopter

The patrol helicopter is a npc that flies around the map. Its model is a bell uh-1y venom armed with a machine gun on each side and a cannon on each side. The patrol helicopter has some mechanics which can change its behavior. Helicopters spawn in from 2 – 4 hours and it will patrol the island for 15 minutes if not attacked anybody the whole time.


  • Health – 10000 hp
  • Main rotor – 900 hp
  • Tail rotor – 500 hp


  • Smoking rotor – half health
  • Burning rotor – destroyed
  • Nothing – only tooken minor damage or none

Bases and defenses

Bases are important for fighting a helicopter. Defenses are also important such as high external walls.

A bast should be 3 floors but you can have more floors. Having more floors will make the helicopter adjust its height. You should upgrade your base with metal or high qaulity metal. You can use stone but stone will break faster from the rockets. Your base should also have a lot of windows to shoot out of to make it easier to shoot on where its going to take cover. Use metal windows not wood because the helicopter can destroy wood without many rockets. You can have window barricades to protect your windows but it makes it a little hard to shoot.You can have a big open space to shoot out of too. You can have high external walls around your base. They protect you from people getting in your base when your base walls get destroyed. You can use high external walls to fight the helicopter without a base but walls can be destroyed faster than base walls. Stone should be used when using this tactic, not wood.

Weapons for battle and attire

There are many kinds of weapons to use in a helicopter battle. Some may be good or bad. Most recommended weapon you want is a assault rifle because it does good damage, moderate reload speed and has a 30 round magazine clip with some good firing speed. You can use a LR-300, M249, bolt action rifle, or a MP5A5. These are the guns I would prefer to use when fighting a helicopter. You can use different kinds of bullet but they can affect the gun by making it slower or faster, decreasing velocity, and damaging your gun faster. You should get attachments because they make it easier to aim and the 4x zoom scope is need to get the helicopter to come to your base. The best gun in my opinion would be the M249. Wearing attire is also important for protection from bullets and explosives. Wear clothing and metal armor, if not try to find the best armor you can. Heavy armor is good but it can slow you down and cannot aim with the shirt and helmet.

  • Standard bullets – breaks weapons the slowest, fast velocity, both standard and HV are the same damage
  • High velocity bullets – breaks weapons slowly, very fast velocity, both standard and HV are the same damage
  • Incendiary bullets – breaks weapons fast, slow velocity, highest damage
  • Explosive bullets – breaks weapons the fastest, very slow velocity, high damage

Tactic for fighting

Helicopter has 2 mounted guns on it and 2 mounted cannons on it. This usaully takes about 300 – 400 bullets.

  • When its not shooting, shoot at it
  • If it’s shooting, take cover
  • If it’s firing rockets, get away from the walls because they cause splash damage through the walls
  • Shoot the rotors because it can destroy the helicopter faster.
  • If you are bleeding, take a bandage
  • Use medical syringes and food like berries to heal
  • Use medkits to regenerate health as time passes on
  • Replace broken windows

The crash

When both rotors have been destroyed or the helicopter has taken a specific amount of damage to malfunction it will spin around and crash until it touches the ground. If the helicopter is really high up in the air, it will take some time then explode in the air. Upon crashing 4 loot boxes will appear and napalm will spawn. The boxes can’t be opened yet and they need to cool down. This process takes about 5 minutes. People will come over and try to take your loot, you will need to defend this loot or you will lose your loot. Spilling water on the napalm will not put it out but if the helicopter crashes in the water, the napalm will be put out and boxes will be openable. The helicopter parts are harvestable and they will give metal, high quality metal, and charcoal.

What you can get from with hitting a helicopter part once with a metal pickaxe

  • Metal fragments – 15
  • Charcoal – 15
  • High quality metal – 7

Loot from loot boxes

  • Weapons
  • Ammo
  • Rockets
  • Timed explosive charges
  • CCTV Camera
  • Targeting computer
  • Attachments


  • Will shoot if player is wearing 3 pieces of clothing or more
  • Will not shoot if player is holding a hunting bow
  • Will fire rockets if you have building access and will fire napalm if you don’t have building access.
  • Will not shoot if you go in safezone before it sees you
  • Running into safezone while it’s shooting you will not stop it from shooting you
  • The helicopter will never touch the world when alive
  • Will shoot if player has a gun or a crossbow in their hotbar

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