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SaGa Emerald Beyond: List of All Roles

This guide is a complete listing of all Roles usable by the player in SaGa Emerald Beyond.

SaGa Emerald Beyond: List of All Roles

This guide is divided into the following sections:

  • Roles gained from learning and ranking up specific techs, by weapon
  • Roles from learning and ranking up spells
  • Ephemeral roles that are always equipped and change as the Ephemeral matures and reincarnates
  • Mech exclusive roles, which are tied to ranking up the unique techs available to each frame
  • Souls, which are acquired as drops from enemies and can be equipped by any Kugutsu puppet at will (Tsunanori Mido playthroughs only)
  • Sanguine roles gained from Knighting a character with a piece of Sanguine Gear (Siugnas playthroughs only)
  • Other default, unique or character-specific roles

Still a work in progress! Pardon any incomplete or incorrect information.

One-Handed Melee

FencerSlash Resistance +10%Eliminate II
Brusque Slice II
WardBlock Chance +10%Parry II
LinkmakerCombo Rate +2%Cutting Lunge II
PromptAction Order Up(Longsword) Gale Slash II
NeatnikStatus Ailment Resistance (Stench +50%)(Longsword) Airwave II
Ice SculptorCold Power +3%(Foil) Crystalline Carve II
TunerCombo Rate +2% Per Space Between Characters(Foil) Sword Ballet II
PioneerCombo Rate +5% at Start of United Attack(Dagger) Moonfall Slash II
FastidiousCritical Attack Combo Rate +3%(Dagger) Backstab II
UncompromisingUnited Attack Starting Combo Rate +5% Per Absent Combat Retinue Member(Axe) Impact Divide II
IndomitableStatus Ailment Resistance (Death +50%)(Axe) Hell’s Fury II
UnbeingSlash Power +3% / Slash Resistance +10%(Foil) Shocking Rush II
(Longsword) Triple Thrust II
SchemerStatus Ailment Affliction Rate Rises with Combo Rate / Combo Range 0(Dagger) Apid Venom II
(Foil) Mega Thrust II
AmiableCombo Range 0 / Combo Rate +4%(Axe) Four Seasons II
(Dagger) Kaleidoscope II
PersistentRaises Overdrive Activation Rate(Longsword) Life Sprinkler II
(Axe) Reverse Delta II

Two-Handed Melee

PunisherSlash Power +3%Smash II
Self-DefenseDefensive Resistances +10%Deflect II
FinisherPower +5% at End of CombosFlowing Slash II
Vertical Smash II
ShockproofShock Resistance +10%(Greatsword) Jolting Slash II
SteamrollerDelay +1(Greatsword) Bull Crush II
ContrarianBlunt Resistance +10%(Greatsword) Absetzen II
AmbusherLess Likely to Be Targeted / United Attack Starting Combo Rate +5% Per Absent Combat Retinue Member(Katana) Optical Slash II
DependableBlock Chance +3% / Status Ailment Resistance (Confusion +50%)(Katana) Gravedigger II
WaryCounterattack Damage Resistance +50%(Katana) Shadow Reversal II
AnchorAction Order Down / Pierce Power +3%(Halberd) Aim II
UnflinchingStatus Ailment Resistance (Paralysis +50%)(Halberd) Discord II
DevotedSpell & Chanting Action Order -12 / Status Ailment Resistant (Stun +25%)(Halberd) Stardust II
DreamerCombo Rate +10% at End of United Attack / Slash Power +3%(Greatsword) Vandalize II
(Katana) Scattered Petals II
BreakerTarget’s Block Chance -30% / Accuracy +10%(Greatsword) Upper Smash II
(Halberd) Triumvirate II
EnlightenedFull-Retinue-Attack Resistance +10%(Halberd) Round Slicer II
(Katana) No Rhythm II

One-Handed Gun

ScrupulousAccuracy +20% / Combo Rate +1%Sharp Shot II
Point ManPierce Power +3%Threat Response III
ResourcefulInterrupt Evade Chance +25% / Evade Chance +3%Quick Shot II
BeguilerPierce Resistance +10%Stunning Shot II
RationalistCombo Rate +2% / Status Ailment Resistance (Frenzy +50%)Mightier Than the Sword II
Standard-BearerAction Order Up (S) / Combo Rate +3% at Start of United AttackCovering Fire II
One for One II
CharlatanTarget’s Block Chance -20% / Evade Chance +3%Sleight Shot II
Bounding Shot II

Two-Handed Gun

DiversionMore Likely to Be Targeted / Blunt Damage +3%Buckshot II
Sunlight Shower II
PoetLess Likely to Be Targeted While ChantingShockwave II
BirdbaneFlying Foes’ Accuracy -15%Chestbuster II
MercilessCritical Attack Damage +5%(Machine Gun) Gatling Cutter II
LearnedPierce Power +3% / Spell Resistance +5%(Machine Gun) Bombarding Fire II
CannoneerHeat Power +3%(Flamethrower) Flame March II
UpbeatHeat Resistance +10% / Status Ailment Resistance (Darkness +50%)(Flamethrower) Fireball II
HeatproofHeat Resistance +10%(Boomer) Break Shelter II
CondemnerPower +20% When Quelling Conditionals(Zapper) Stunshock II
EngineerShock Power +3%(Zapper) Magnetic Storm II
TenaciousCold Resistance +10% / Status Ailment Resistance (Poison +50%)(Catalyzer) Poisonous Spray II
SagaciousIce Power +3% / Spell Power +3%(Catalyzer) Tear Gas II
(Zapper) Plasma Shot II
Slow StarterUnited Attack Starting Combo Rate +1% Per Turn Elapsed(Boomer) Grand Slam II
(Flamethrower) Scorch II
UnorthodoxInverts Combo Range / Overdrive Active Rate Up(Machine Gun) Lead Tempest II
(Boomer) Daisy Cutter II
PlaymakerMax BP +1 / Expand Combo RangeSuppression II
(Catalyzer) Flash Freeze II

Martial Arts

StrikerBlunt Power +3%Punch II
Kick II
ImpetuousPower +20% When Frenzied / Status Ailment Resistance (Frenzy -50%)Pressure Point II
Raksha II
SilencerPower +10% Against Chanting Enemies / Heat Power +3%Shenlong Firefist II
SoloistShowstopper BP +1 / Blunt Power +3%Guanyin II
Live WireShock Power +3% / Shock Resistance +10%Thunder Kick II
ColdproofCold Resistance +10%Flash Flood II
LookoutEvade Chance +3%Triple Dragon II
Aerial Rush II
HardyBlunt Resistance +10%Tackle II
Flying Body Press II
PliableStatus Ailment Resistance (Stun +50%)Kawazu Throw II
Survival InstinctPierce Resistance +10%K.O. Throw II
CongenialStatus Ailment Resistance (Stone +50%)Windwhistle II

Special Weapon Roles

Seasoned DuelistEnables the Use of Dual-Wield Techs(Longsword) Life Sprinkler III
(Foil) Mega Thrust III
Guns BlazingEnables the Use of Guns Akimbo TechsBounding Shot III
One for One III
Sword & Gun MasterEnables the Use of Sword & Gun Techs(Dagger) Kaleidoscope III
Mightier Than the Sword III


Wood’s QuickeningSpell Power +1% / Wood Element Skill +1Gravity Bind II
Wood’s WhisperSpell Resistance +5% / Wood Element Skill +2Wall of Air II
Wood’s ProsperitySpell Power +1% / Wood Element Skill +2Heaven’s Thunder II
Hazy SilhouetteLowers Enmity (L) / Wood Element Skill +3Mirrorshade II
Wood’s ProfunditySpell Power +1 / Wood Element Skill +3Chaos Disaster II
Fire’s QuickeningSpell Power +1% / Fire Element Skill +1Sunlight II
FlamespeakerHeat Resistance +5% / Fire Element Skill +2Song of Souls II
Fire’s ProsperitySpell Power +1% / Fire Element Skill +2Gale Blast II
AwakenedAll Powers +1 / Fire Element Skill +1Awaken II
Fire’s ProfunditySpell Power +1% / Fire Element Skill +3Incineration II
Earth’s QuickeningSpell Power +1% / Earth Element Skill +1Spellbind II
Humming PoetSpell & Chanting Action Order -3 / Earth Element Skill +2Delay Order II
Earth’s ProsperitySpell Power +1% / Earth Element Skill +2Hypergravity II
Guardian of the EarthAttack-All Resistance +5% / Earth Element Skill +3Wall of Earth II
Earth’s ProfunditySpell Power +1% / Earth Element Skill +3Churning Earth II
Metal’s QuickeningSpell Power +1% / Metal Element Skill +1Blood Curdle II
Dispersed ThunderShock Resistance +5% / Metal Element Skill +2Magical Harmony II
Metal’s ProsperitySpell Power +1% / Metal Element Skill +2Vermilion Sands II
Mage MasherPower +20% Against Chanting Enemies / Metal Element Skill +3Magic Breath II
Metal’s ProfunditySpell Power +1% / Metal Element Skill +3The Tower II
Water’s QuickeningSpell Power +1% / Water Element Skill +1Sharp Pain II
Virtuous HeartCold Resistance +5% / Water Element Skill +2Holy Water II
Water’s ProsperitySpell Power +1% / Water Element Skill +2Aqua Sphere II
Bold ReciterSpell & Chanting Action Order +3 / Water Element Skill +3Hasten Time II
Water’s ProfunditySpell Power +1% / Water Element Skill +3Snowstorm II
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