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Sailing Era Where to buy trade route maps

Where to buy trade route maps (to expand the range of your auto-sail)

What are Trade Route Maps?

You’ll be introduced to the auto-sail system as part of the main quest, but what’s not explained is that you can buy maps that expand the list of locations you can auto-sail to and from.

These maps cost 14000 each at bookstores or item stores.

Buying all these maps makes trading much less “labour intensive” and can massively increase your earnings per real-life hour, as game time moves faster while your ship is being auto-sailed.

Where to buy them

  • Lisbon: Spain, Portugal
  • Genoa: Ligurian Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian Sea, Adriatic Sea, Dias, New World (x2)
  • Athens: East Mediterranean, Black Sea
  • London: English Channel
  • Amsterdam: North Sea

This list is WIP, more to come as I discover them. Feel free to contribute in the discussion!

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