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Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask – Walkthrough Guide

Walkthrough for completing the game!

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask Walkthrough

Saint Kotar: The Yellow Mask is a free and short prologue for the upcoming game Saint Kotar. Achievements will be added to the guide as soon as they are implemented into the game.

  • Try to enter the church twice.
  • Examine the grave on the left.
  • Pick up the Bible.
  • Walk to the right and inspect the pile of cadavers.
  • Pick up the necklace from the strange altar.
  • Talk to the unkown being.

  • Find your glasses on the floor, in front of the door.
  • Go upstairs and walk towards the dark corner.
  • Examine the bed, then interact with the curtain.
  • Find a key on the wall painting and use it to open the cabinet.
  • Examine the cabinet interior and open the wardrobe on the right.

  • As Nikolay, examine the dolls on the left and take the “Horned One”.

  • As Benedek, examine the wardrobe interior and the bag next to the bed.
  • Finally, interact with the bed.
  • Head downstairs. Obtain your bag and leave the house.
  • Go to the right. After the conversation ith Nikolay, examine the ground.
  • Try to go to the very left.
  • Approach the cabin and knock on the door.
  • Head back to your house and go upstairs.
  • Examine the heap of frogs in front of the cabinet.
  • Find a stick on the couch downstairs.
  • Use the stick on the rat on top of the heap of frogs.
  • Leave the house and head towards the village.

  • As Nikolay, enter the tavern, the building on the left.
  • Talk to Davor twice. Show him the pigs’ eyes.
  • Talk to Mojse.
  • Leave the tavern and approach the small yellow shop in the center of the village.
  • Talk to the woman, ask her about October 28.
  • Leave the shop area and tell Mojse about October 28.

  • As Benedek, go the shop and talk to the woman. Exhaust all dialog options.
  • Examine the tavern window.

  • As Nikolay, interact with the lamp on the right twice.

  • As Benedek, try to leave the shop area.
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