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Sakura Clicker Cheats

Who else wants a hentai mod for Sakura Clicker, but can’t get a good tutorial? Nothing works because other tutorials are inaccurate? Here’s the trick!

How to Enable 18+ Content

Requiered components

You’ll only need WinRar if you haven’t already.

1. WinRar (to create/extract a copy of Sakura Clicker)

2. QuickBMS (direct download) (file importer)

3. Actual nude mod (click ‘Lastest version of patch’) (includes image material)

Extract ‘quickbms’ and ‘patchv1.3’ by right clicking > Extract here (this will create a folder out of the .zip file)

Putting everything together

1. Start ‘WinRar’.

2. Locate your Steam games folder (most likely ‘C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Sakura Clicker) or by right clicking on ‘Sakura Clicker’ in your Steam library > Properties > Local files > Browse local files.

3. Right click ‘Sakura Clicker’.

4. Click ‘Extract here’ (this will create a new folder named ‘Sakura Clicker’)

5. Rename the original ‘Sakura Clicker’ to ‘Sakura Clicker Backup’ if you want to backup you data.

6. Go into the recently created folder and rename ‘Tap Dungeon’ to ‘Sakura Clicker’.

7. Cut out all files in the created folder.

8. Paste them into the original ‘Sakura Clicker’ folder and delete the recently created one to prevent auto update confusion with Steam.

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9. Drag and drop the extracted files (the files inside the extracted folders) from ‘patchv1.3’ and ‘quickbms’ into the game folder.

Installing the mod

1. Run ‘install_patch.bat’

2. A command promt will pop up.

3. Type ‘y’ if prompt.

4. Let the patcher do his thing and wait until it closes.

Your game folder should now look like this:

Congratulations! You have now successfully installed the nude mod for Sakura Clicker. You can now start Sakura Clicker from Steam as normal! Have fun.

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