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Sakura Succubus 2 Walkthrough & Achievement Guide

Sakura Succubus 2 Walkthrough

Start a New Game.

Meeting Hifumi
Meet another famous girl

  • Ask Hifumi for her autograph.
  • Your cooking is almost as good as my mother’s!

Oedipus Complex
Nothing can beat Mom’s cooking

Match Point
Interested in Tennis yet?

Surprise Meeting
Not quite a panoramic shot

  • Tell Cosmos she should learn to take care of herself.

Bathing Beauty
Have a meeting at the private hot springs

  • Tell Hifumi she shouldn’t get her hopes up.

Lap Pillow
Rest your head on a beauty

  • I’d rather be your husband.
  • Let’s do it!

Up for anything
Who could say no to that offer?

  • I think you look great!

Special Service
More than sparkling

  • Green.

Green Eyed Monster
Does this count as neutral?

Limbering Up
Not without my stretch

  • Yes, I want her.
  • Your pose is too raunchy for our newspaper’s readers.

Too Close for Comfort
I didn’t even know two people fit in here

  • Save 1
  • Join Hazel.

Succubus Princess
Who exactly is she?

  • Load Save 1
  • Decline her offer.

Japanese Waitress
More than just an actress

About Sakura Succubus 2

Ogasawara Hiroki is a thoroughly average man… or, at least, he was. That soon changed, however, when a meeting with one of Japan’s most famous idols turns his life upside down.

Hiroki soon learns, after a series of increasingly improbable events, that several of Japan’s most famous female celebs are actually succubi – and his scent makes him irresistible to them!

Now, three beautiful women are vying for his attention: the two-faced idol Ayu, the mature businesswoman Marina, and the ditzy social media star, Cosmos.

It’s hard enough for Hiroki to juggle his demanding job as a photographer with three potential girlfriends, but things are about to get even harder. A refined actress, Hifumi, now has her eye on Hiroki, as does a cheery sportswoman, Hazel.

Hiroki’s harem is set to gain even more members…

But does he have enough time and energy to give these women what they want?

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