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Sakura Succubus 3 Walkthrough for Endings & Achievement Guide

Walkthrough for Endings & Achievement Guide

True Ending

Start a new game.

  • I’d rather watch Hazel.

Friendly Competition
Let them fight over the remote

Healthy Breakfast
All you need in the morning

  • You look sexy.
  • Don’t make a fuss.

Fluffy Bunny
Cosmos can wear anything

  • Your armpits are super cute too, Cosmos!
  • I think you’re adorable.
  • Any choice.

May I have this dance?
Can Marina dance in this dress?

  • I think you’d look even better in a wedding dress.
  • Try to reason with Yue.

All mine
Does this bring back memories?

Don’t disobey the Queen

  • Order Yue to stop.
  • I’d be happier if you weren’t being so cruel.
  • No, I absolutely can’t stay here.
  • She is kind of scary, yeah.
  • I can’t be her boyfriend. I’m your boyfriend.

Hazel the double-edged succubus

  • I’m kind of jealous of Yue.
  • That she’ll never let me leave.

✘︎ Save 1

  • Push Yue away.
  • I can’t stay here.
  • Any choice.

Ayu takes a stand
An unexpected side of Ayu

  • Any choice.

Twisted Up
Watch Cosmos and Yue play Twister

  • I want Cosmos to win, of course!

Hazel’s Punishment
But does Hazel really mind?

  • I can’t help but feel sorry for Hazel.

All well that ends well
What a happy reunion

Yue’s Ending

Load 1

  • Let Yue do what she wants.

Sleeping Beauty
So peaceful when she sleeps…

For all eternity
Stay with Yue… forever

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