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Salt and Sacrifice Maps

Salt and Sacrifice Maps

A collection of maps showing the game’s playable areas. Includes information about layouts, checkpoints, bosses, NPCs and loot.

Notes and Disclaimers

This is collection of maps for all most areas of the game. They show you the layout of the world, the locations of NPCs, bosses, and all the hidden (and not-so-hidden) treasures. I think they are pretty self-explanatory, but if you have a question, criticism, or just want to show your appreciation, feel free to leave a comment below.

Google Drive folder with the same images [drive.google.com]

I originally completed these maps last year, when the game was still Epic-exclusive (and on patch As such, they are currently slightly out-of-date from the Steam version. I intend to fix them up in the near future, along with creating a map for the new Heart of Altarstone area. Until then, these maps should still provide plenty of useful information, since the 2.0 update changed very little in the pre-existing areas.

Pardoner’s Vale

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

Pardoner’s Vale is the game’s main hub. You can return here when using an Obelisk, or by quitting to the main menu and loading back in. Use the Bucket O’ Runes next to the Mirrorgate to travel to other worlds, or to initiate a specific Mage Hunt.

Ashbourne Village

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

To complete this zone, you have to kill at least 1 Mage, then talk with the tree in the center of the map.

Most of this zone is inaccessible in the beginning. You should return later once collected more Inquisitor’s Tools.

Bol Gerahn

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

To finish this zone, talk with the Mire Guard in the sewers on the left of the map.

Corvius’ Mire

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

To finish this area, activate the Luminstone Circle in the crown of the Great Tree.

Dreadstone Peak

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

To compete this zone, you have to kill 3 Named Mages in order to access the Falling Star. Then ypu have to kill Kraeaxenar, and talk with the Spellmarked Tree on the ship’s prow.

The Elder Copse

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

This is the final main zone of the game. Killing the final boss (The Nameless Sacrifice) forces you into New Game+. So maybe don’t do that until you have explored everything else.

Also, have you noticed that the trident symbol from the loading screens is actually a stylized depiction of this area?

Hallowed Hill

Maps of Salt and Sacrifice

To gain access to this area, you have to manually input a sequence of runes into the Mirrorgate. The sequence is revealed in The Elder Copse, in a hidden cave above the Unprofaned Lake.

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