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Salt and Sanctuary How to kill the Unspeakable Deep

If you have ever thought to yourself; “man, I really feel like killing an eldritch lovecraftian death god, if only I knew how” then this guide is for you! I’ll walk you through the process of killing that stinky smelly tutorial boss step by step!

How to kill the Unspeakable Deep

Part 1. Preparations

In order to take out this massive beast, you’ll need the proper gear, don’t take ANY armor, if you have even a little bit of weight, it’ll massively hinder you in this fight, as the only (ONLY) way to dodge the beasts attacks are by rolling behind it, you need as much roll distance as possible for this to work, so do not wear ANY armor, period.

Of course, you’ll need a weapon to actually kill the thing, I would recommend a plus 2 midshipman’s dirk, as it’s fast speed and high damage make for the perfect glass slingshot weapon, keep in mind, neither the plus two nor the dagger are necessary, you can really do it with whatever weapon you want (so long as it’s not too heavy) but I prefer the dagger, again, because of the fast speed and low weight

Now, if you’re not the best at dodging, you’ll need to make some extra precautions, the unspeakable deep deals around 100 damage per hit, so you’ll need to be somewhere around level 6 to level 9, and you NEED a bandage ring, even a little bit of wound will completely remove your safety net so you need all the help you can get, the festering banquet is pretty small so you can figure out where to find the ring on your own

Finally, you’ll need to have the ladder shortcut unlocked, there’s only one ladder you can kick in the whole place so it shouldn’t be too hard to find

Part 2. The Ladder

Now that you have your weapon and whatever other garbage you might need, it’s time for the ladder glitch, if you’ve played this game for more than 2 seconds, chances are you’ve probably heard of it, if not, I’ll walk you through it anyway.

First thing’s first, you need to remap your roll and your jump keys to the same button, then climb onto the shortcut ladder in the festering banquet and just start mashing the jump/roll button, every button press will boost you a small distance up and to the left, just keep mashing it until you find yourself in the ship’s interior, keep in mind, if you start to mash too slowly, you’ll step off the “ladder” and fall to your death.

Part 3. The Ship

Once you’re on the ship, all you have to do is proceed as normal, but DON’T FORGET you have to rewire your jump/roll keys back to the way they were, I’ve done this once and it did not turn out well, once you make it to the unspeakable deep’s arena, unequip everything except your rings and whatever weapon you have, now the real battle begins.

Any time the deep prepares an attack you ALWAYS roll behind him, don’t try to sneak in a lil’ stab before you do, ALWAYS get behind an attack, if he gets too close to the sides, walk to the edge of the arena until he gets back to the middle, he won’t attack unless you’re a set distance next to him, so if you stay pretty far away he will never hit you while repositioning

If you’re doing this at level 1 to 3 (why) the deep will ALWAYS one shot you, so make sure you never get hit, you don’t lose any salt or money for dying here, but you will have to mash the roll/jump button again and your poor controller/keyboard just can’t take that 🙁

Anyway, just keep rolling behind his attacks then poking him a few times in the back, reposition if he gets far away, don’t use armor, don’t get greedy, etc. etc.
Just keep this up and you’ll kill him eventually

Part 4. Epilogue

Now that you’ve successfully killed the UNSPEAKABLE DEEP you’ll be rewarded with over 7000 SALT, a black pearl, a new achievement, and bragging rights! (kinda) And in case you were wondering, no, he does not respawn

Anyway, good job following my crappy tutorial, That’s all folks!

Written by Jetstream Sam

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