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Sayonara Wild Hearts Achievement Guide

This guide will help you unlocking all achievements in Sayonara Wild Hearts.

Sayonara Wild Hearts Achievement Guide

Hey, I will try to explain as easily as possible how to earn all achievements in the game.

Different Levels are underlined and different gameplay mechanics are bolded.

Let’s pop!


Side A

“There is no place for me on the podium of a starway.”

Solution: Get no rank in Clair de Lune – score less than 5,000 points.

Side B

“I was consecutively in a hurry in ten different places.”

Solution: In ten different levels pause the game and choose to Skip Cutscene.


Side A

“I find squares in every corner of the world.”

Solution: Collect all 68 squares throughout all levels.

Side B

“I took a dozen quick breaks.”

Solution: In any level, pause the game and resume 12 times.


Side A

“A magician made three of my wishes come true where one became two.”

Solution: In Hearts & Swords, hit obstacles repeatedly until the game asks if you want to skip that section, skip it and repeat that 3 times.

Side B

“You only live once yet I risk my life ten times.”

Solution: In Yolo Arcade, get a Risky! 10 times. Getting close to objects awards the Risky! prompt.


Side A

“Twenty times I risk my life without failing where a diabolical trinity appear.”

Solution: In Doki Doki Rush, get a Risky! 20 times. You can do this by getting very close to the cars in the traffic.

Side B

“Reborn in a daydream my secret is in the left eye four times.”

Solution: In Reverie, fly through the left eye obstacle 4 times. You will have to play through this level 4 times.


Side A

“Three are the times goldenly I began again.”

Solution: In Begin Again, get Gold rank 3 times.

Side B

“Up is down and down is up where I slid twenty-five times.”

Solution: In Transonic Gravity, slide 25 times. You initiate a slide by drifting either left or right for a certain period of time.


Side A

“With the smallest of efforts I knock out.”

Solution: In Begin Again, get a knock out with just a single button press.

Side B

“I heard her sing goodbye before my journey to the sky began.”

Solution: Listen to the entire opening song in Main Menu and then play and beat Hearts & Swords.


Side A

“Small blood pumps are cursed among snaps and claps.”

Solution: In Parallel Universes, complete the track while avoiding the small hearts.

Side B

“Just from here I traveled ten years back in time.”

Solution: From the main menu, enter the Zodiac Riddles menu and rotate the zodiac wheel counter-clockwise 10 times.


Side A

“Like a worthless chariot I drift in the night.”

Solution: In Night Drift don’t score any points. Don’t collect hearts and avoid drifting.

Side B

“In a devilish fight I am only good.”

Solution: During Fighting Hearts, get only Good! in the quick-time event prompts.


Side A

“From a golden sun to a silvery star I go to a tower of bronze.”

Solution: Complete Inside with a Gold rank, then Heartbreak V with a Silver rank, then Heartbreak III with a Bronze rank.

Side B

“Inside I spin a thousand and eighty degrees.”

Solution: In Inside, after getting to the tunnel, spin around three times to get 1080 degrees.


Side A

“I am the perfect emperor.”

Solution: In Forest Ghost, get a Perfect! on every jump or QTE prompt.

Side B

“My secret is a majority of squares where all music play.”

Solution: In Album Arcade, collect at least half of all the squares. You unlock the trophy at the Final Results screen.


Side A

“With the card of the solitary one I appear oppositely forty times.”

Solution: In Heartbreak IV, move through the warp from one edge of the screen to the other one 40 times.

Side B

“With only one attempt I stand on the podium.”

Solution: In Yolo Arcade get at least Bronze rank (250,000 points or more).


Side A

“In the flat space I slip between two bullets quadruple times.”

Solution: In The World We Knew, fly between two bullets shot from the airships. This is only possible from the ships that are shooting bullets vertically.

Side B

“Happiness is a quintet of squares where one journey ends.”

Solution: In Wild Hearts Never Die, collect all the squares (5 in total) in a single playthrough.

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  1. Taurus
    Side B

    “I took a dozen quick breaks.”

    Solution: In any level, pause the game and resume 12 times.

    I’ve tried but I can’t at ant level, how is it? shall i not die ? it has to be exactly 12 times? continue or strat again the level?


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