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Scarlet Tower Weapon Evolutions

A list of all currently available weapon evolutions.

Scarlet Tower Weapon Evolutions

Weapon Evolutions are attained after reaching the max level (level 5) for two weapons. They will combine and evolve into their new weapon upon getting a chest from a boss (or random drop), though bugs prevent this from happening every time and at times the evolution occurs/is shown as a choice for a level up reward.

After leveling up, the player will be able to add another weapon to their repertoire. There is no current limit to how many evolved weapons a player can have.

The Weapon Evolutions (as of v0.3.0) are:

  • Fire Staff + Frost Staff = Water Staff
  • Holy Bible + Thunder Staff = Raziel’s Tome
  • Holy Bible + Hellfire Staff = Underworld Tome
  • Knife + Frost Scythe = Frost Dagger
  • Frost Staff + Glacial Staff = Blizzard Wand

A reference image from the discord community for quick access:

Weapon Evolutions

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