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Scene Investigators Walkthrough Guide: Answers, and Achievements

Guidance for completing the game and obtaining 100% achievements!

Scene Investigators Walkthrough Guide

Scene Investigators is a complex deduction game featuring five achievements.

Solve all five cases with an A (ace) grade to unlock all achievements. The questions that appear after reaching A grades in the main cases do not require true or valid answers; any input works.

How to Get All Achievements (5/5)

Preliminary Trial

Aced Preliminary Trial

Who was the getaway driver?

  • Frank Carter

Who was involved in stealing Helen Turner’s purse?

  • Frank Carter
  • Anthony Young


Aced Missing

Scenario #1

Where was everyone at 2pm on the 6th of September?

NameHouse/Apt No.StreetCityState
Katherine4572Charter St.Santa ClaritaCA
Thomas4830Sunrise Rd.Las VegasNV
Hazel2839Garners Ferry Rd.Los AngelesCA
Nicholas2839Garners Ferry Rd.Los AngelesCA

Would the Insurance cover the hospital bill?

  • No

Who picked up the kids on September 18th?

  • Hannah Olson

Scenario #2

Who stole Emma’s money?

  • Frank

When was Marley hospitalized? (MM/DD/YYYY)

  • 11/12/2018

Did Janine move to another state?

  • No

How many times did Phillip assault someone in the house between Nov. 7 and Nov. 15?

  • 3

Who has an appointment with the tattoo artist on the 17th?

  • Irene Haynes

Who is the intruder?

  • Thomas Harrington

Scenario #3

Who entered through the window?

  • Thomas Harrington

Who died here?

  • Thomas Harrington

Who is the killer?

  • Phillip Haynes

The 4th Floor

Aced The 4th Floor

The Break-In

Who broke into the apartment?

  • Clyde Kent Peterson

Who was present during the break-in?

  • Brenda Peterson
  • Sarah Peterson
  • Clyde Kent Peterson

Who was killed?

  • Clyde Kent Peterson

Who is the killer?

  • Brenda Peterson

The Dinner Party

How many people live in the apartment?

  • 2

Who is Jessica’s cousin?

  • Victor

Who sat in chair #4?

  • Ronnie Grayson

Who was killed?

  • Jessica Grayson

Who is the killer?

  • Carol

The Celebration

Who died?

  • Brian Olson

Who was the second last to arrive?

  • Lisa Olson

Who is the owner of the blue sports bag?

  • Andrew

Who is the killer?

  • Jack Carter


Aced Bloodbath

What is in the package by the exit?

  • Gift

Was the gun the killer using standard issue?

  • Yes

Who died by the office doorway?

  • Harry Baker

Who was the dirty cop?

  • Michael Mike Snyder

How many people were murdered?

  • 4

Was Harry Baker in a reasonable state of mind, yes or no?

  • Yes

Which prisoner was in interrogation room #1?

  • Carl Tristan

Hughes Manor Feud

Aced Hughes Manor Feud

Among the money to be distributed to the children, how much % was each supposed to receive?

  • Ellis: 22
  • Roger: 26
  • Glenn: 24
  • Roman: 28

How many people were killed in this mansion?

  • 2

Please fill in the set(s) of names of both the victim and the perpetrator in the following fields.

  • Set 1: Glenn Hughes | Ellis Hughes
  • Set 2: Ellis Hughes | Roger Hughes
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