SCP: Secret Laboratory: Easter Eggs Guide

SCP Secret Laboratory

Deep within the SCP Foundation during a containment breach, many of the anomalies have bypassed security and escaped from their chambers – without peaceful intentions. Become site personnel, a re-containment agent, or an anomalous entity and fight to take control of or escape the facility!

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SCP: Secret Laboratory Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs and Funny Finds!
So me and my friend recently found this really cool and funny little thing in the 914 tutorial and decided to make this entire guide but also include this. I will add more if there is more that I find or that is possibly added in the next updates or patches.

1. 914 Tutorial “Unpreventable”

There are some really cool and funny lines the narrator / speaker will say if you do some certain steps that few have actually found out or realized. I will be showing how you can get these little lines and get to know about it a bit more! RECOMMENDED TO FINISH ALL OF THE TUTORIALS FIRST THEN COME BACK TO THIS.

This may take a bit but it’s worth it!

First, Click Tutorials.

Second, Select 914’s Tutorial.

Third, Let the speaker speak until he drops the card and then pick it up and make sure you see this..

Fourth, Drop the Janitor card in the “Input” / Left side.

Fifth, Use 914 and the speaker should say something about making a mistake which is fine and he will grant you a new card.

Sixth, Destroy the new card again and you will get another line.

Seventh, do it again!

Eighth, and again!

Nineth, RIP CARDS. Listen to what he has to say. (Not gunna spoil it! Do it yourself :D)

Tenth, Congrats. Don’t say anything to anyone and show your friends to experience this too!

2. 914 Tutorial “Nothing Interesting”

This one is another quick gag you can do before finishing the tutorial.

First, Click Tutorials.

Second, Select 914’s Tutorial.

Third, Get a Tier 4 card however you like. (Preferably a MTF Commander’s Card.)

Fourth, Run to the starting area, hold out the MTF Commander Card and open the door that is in the back.

Fitfh, Once the door opens congrats listen closely and share this with your friends to see for themselves!

Note: Not sure if there REALLY is anything back there other than what he says, I wasn’t able to find much else in that area.

Others (You know probably)

The Flashlight
The flashlight attachment is in a shape of the SCP logo.

The Flashlight
The flashlight has 2 different models. One for hand and one when it’s on the floor. It can also illuminate an area when on the floor.

Secret items
2 items are in game:
A coin
A cup

They are both for the SCP-294.
The coin has even a model for it (You can hold it)
Otherwise they are both useless.

Alpha warhead
When the timer is below 10 s the warhead and the detonation console will spark. I don’t think bombs do this.

Background music
Sometimes you can hear SCP 096 in the background music. Interesting, especially when you are playing as it.

Ammo meter
In thirdperson or Spectator mod you can see AMMO and not the ammo numbers.

The Radio
You probably don’t know how radio looks with low battery.

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