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SCP: Secret Laboratory – Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Deep within the SCP Foundation during a containment breach, many of the anomalies have bypassed security and escaped from their chambers – without peaceful intentions. Become site personnel, a re-containment agent, or an anomalous entity and fight to take control of or escape the facility!

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SCP: Secret Laboratory Tips and Tricks

This is a collection of some nice and useful tricks for playing SCP:SL. The guide will require you to have decent knowledge of the game.

Door location for D-BOI

When you spawn as a D-boi, notice you will be looking slightly to the left or right. Wherever you are looking most is where the door is.
This is nice for saving some time.

D-boi, gaining SPEED

When anyone is in light containment, you are able to jump onto the ledges of the walls on corners to get ahead of someone extremely well. Doing this manouver is simple; run directly for the door (more-or-less), and jump onto the ledge, then continue jumping.

This can also be done in heavy containment with fences at the dog’s containment, and at the T-area intersection (room with ammo).

How to remember the layout

To remember locations / areas, instead of mapping out the whole thing and positioning rooms in your mental image, simply just take note of where you’ve been. For example, if you notice 914 and turn left, then after 2 corridors you see a gate, note the fact going left and forwards from 914 takes you there.

This method is surprisingly easy to do, though if you get completly lost, you’ll need to reset this ‘map’.

How to counter 096

When locating 096, simply either look away and note his location via sound, or look up. Looking up is not a great solution; a jumping 096 or one that lacks knowledge for personal space will get mad. The combination of these two tactics is ideal, though remember: One person will always look at him, no matter what.

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Surviving(?) Guards

Accepting defeat is something you should NEVER do; you can always try, and that may work.

With guards, it’s a decision of being a good sport and roleplaying along, hoping they won’t shoot you, or rushing for that exit.

If you decide to not run, I advise being friendly to guards. Don’t run, acknowledge them, and don’t equip anything. Negotiate from there.

If you decide to run, close all the doors in a reasonable proximaty. Note, this is the only time when closing doors is fine. If you close all the doors you see, the guard will probably track you down and murder you. So depending on your scenario, keep the door count relatively low.

Is that person friendly?

Most likely not. Run.

Escaping death?

When being chased by an enemy, you can safely hide in a corner and quickly rush out, closing the door then outrunning them. Though, this comes down to luck and the skill of the man murdering you.

When in a corridor, close both doors; above you and the one you came through. Then rush to the door you came through and sit in the corner. When the person comes through, immidiently rush through the door, closing it.

When in a dead-end in light, repeat ^ but standing closer to the door, invisible from anyone looking at the glass. Note a competent player will always win in this scenario, so you may want to turn to negotiation.

Avoiding Shift+tabbing

This ones simple. Rebind your inventory key. If you’ve a million dollar mouse, it may be nice to bind it to a mouse key. Otherwise, I heavily advise [F]. It works fantastic.

Elevator trick

When at a elevator, you can easily use it to escape someone. For example, if you’re being chased by 096, dog and a chaos, it is rather reliable to hide in a corner at an elevator, then once they leave, immidiently press the button and run in on the last second.

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The more people, the more unlikely this is to work.

Jumping on the fence (Surface)

Are you someone with weak legs such as 096 and simply can’t jump onto the fence? Fear not; you can simply jump onto the little ledge on the walls, then jump onto the fence. This makes it so everyone can get everywhere.

Also, you can safely jump down where the jumping area is if you run at the wall, and keep running.

To do this, jump when you are near the wall bit that’s poking out, and run into it. You may take damage, but it won’t be fatal. Running into walls can be useful in some cases, I believe it’s down to luck.

Should you give up in decontamination?

Don’t. As I said before, never give up.

In decontamination, you’re pretty much safe if you remember where a gate is. This is because You can go in an elevator safely at 1 second; it will bring you up regardless the time. (Note though, after decontamination, the elevators cannot be used whatsoever. Make sure you press the button ASAP, then get in the elevator after.

Other manouvers

Becoming God in 914
Jump onto the pillars that bulge it from the machine. To do this, jump then press w. Once you get to a high point, you can jump to the “Input / Output” signs, or Jump on the key. To jump on the key, perform a semi-circular maneuver; jump a bit offset to the key, but later run towards it.

Once you are at the Input/Output sings, you can also jump on the black box things. Simply run and jump into the black wall thing. You will be slightly above the ground.

Hiding on the walls near HCZ ammo room
Simply jump onto the gate and run for the corner. You will be safe there 99% the time. You can safely return back with ease.

Larry chamber parkour
You can jump from one end of the catwalk to the other end, by jumping onto the windows. I have tested this very little, and it does pose a great challenge. Though, it offers a fantastic offer; most players won’t be able to do it.

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Usage of rooms in Entrance Zone
In entrance, there are many rooms you can take advantage of.

Rock dead-end is the red room with rocks. When being chased by anything, you can jump to the right side of the pit and hide surprisingly well. Currently, I am not sure if SCP’s can see you well with their red vision. Probably not though.

Locker room (Credit to ‘colakid,’) is the room with the two big boi lockers and the weapons manager. You can jump onto bottom locker and avoid 096 + peanut. (Note all SCP’s (excluding compoota) can jump onto the lockers via the side railings. Peanut will have much higher difficulty doing this, though. (However, peanut CAN kill people ontop the lockers with some luck. He can also glitch to some places, though this is unlikely. To avoid this, simply jump. -Credit to ‘Shibainu25’) -Credit to ‘W E E B S.’) You can also utilise the many desks to avoid lots of SCP encounters.

With dogs, simply jump over the desks and be unpredictable. For peanut, simply make sure a desk is behind you and him. For shy guy, jump from one desk to another, but note this maneuver may not work. With larry, just outrun the old lad. You bully.

Hiding in the server room (HCZ)
In the server room, there are a few nice places you can hide, all of which are incredibly effective.

Up-top, you can hide in the corner to the right of the door. You will be concealed between a server and a wall. This can work, though is well-known.

Below, you can hide in the corners furthest away from the staircase. You will be concealed in shadows, and hidden between servers + walls. These spots are fantastic, as very few people know them, and it takes time to check the area. Generally, these locations are best used with small groups of enemies / scps.

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