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SCUM: Crafting Essential Items

High-quality guide to surviving on the island.

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Crafting a Stone Knife

As the very first thing you always want to craft a [Stone Knife], as this lets you protect yourself and craft other items and weapons.

  • Look at the ground in a forest and you should see an action to “Search for Rocks”
  • Press [F] to do the action, and repeat until you’ve found at least 2 [Small Stone]s
  • Open your Inventory with [TAB] and switch to the Crafting tab at the top
  • The very first item in the right-hand-side panel should be the [Stone Knife], select it and click “CRAFT” at the bottom
  • After its crafted you need to pick it up from the ground; switch to the Inventory tab and drag the item from the Vicinity panel into either your hands or an empty slot in your clothes

Crafting a Wooden Spear

The spear is a very useful weapon even after you get firearms, as it is silent, can be thrown a long distance, retrieved after throwing and one-shot kills if thrown at the head.

  • Look around for a large bush, you’ll know you found the right one if the action says “Cut”
  • Cut down bushes until you’ve found 1 [Long Wooden Stick]
  • You can now craft a [Improvised Wooden Spear]
  • Craft 2 or 3 of them and put them in your holsters in the Inventory tab
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Crafting a Courier Backpack

The [Improvised Courier Backpack] has 9 slots and can hold 10kg of weight.
You’ll need to salvage your clothes for the necessary resources, but you’ll tripple your storage space and finding new clothes is easy.

  • We’re gonna salvage 3 [Rags] and 5 [Rag Stripes]
  • Take the [Stone Knife] into your hands, right-click on your [Inmate Pants] and do “Cut Into Rags”; then do the same for your [Inmate Shirt]
  • If that yielded fewer than 5 [Rag Stripes], you can cut the [Rags] into [Rag Stripes] by right-clicking them
  • Now go ahead and craft a [Improvised Rope] and afterwards the [Improvised Courier Backpack]
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