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SCUM: Getting Past Mechs

Getting Past Mechs

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No #1

Do not ever rush! – No room for heros and you will die!

No #2

Watch the mechs from a distance and watch there patrol patterns – Takes time but still worth the effort.

No #3

After say 20 minutes you know there patrol routes – Then move in to your position you want to enter, remain in cover untill ready to move.

No #4

Make sure befor your ready to move that your colon & bladder are near empty as possible – you do NOT wanna get stuck takeing a poop or a pee when you move out…

No #5

Ok your ready to move out – so just as soon as the mech turns around you the move as fast as possible into the bunker.

Remember this:

If you are making your way to the bunker and you hear the mech giveing a warning keep on moveing or take cover and lay down on the ground until the coast is clear.

All of the above i have done time and time again and the more you do this the easyer it will become and will be second nature. In the begining “YES” i was dieing a lot because i didnt watch the mechs long enough so remember to follow the steps above and you will make it.

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Getting past the mechs is really easy trust me i can go any location on the map where the mechs are and get past them with ease….

Written by Spac3Monk3y

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