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SCUM: How to Get a Servers IP to Play With Friends

After playing with a friend I found that the server list isn’t always the same, and its too difficult to search through the hundreds of servers to find the same one. This is a quick and easy way to find the Server IP/Port of any server you are currently connected to, so you can send it to your friend and play with them!

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How to Connect to a Friend or Vice Versa

Task Manager

  • Open Task Manager(CTRL+SHIFT+TAB)
  • Click the Performance Tab
  • Click “Open Resource Monitor” at the bottom

Resource Monitor

  • Make sure you are already connected to the server you want your friend to join
  • Go back in game and wait for the “Processes with Network Activity” list to update with “SCUM.exe”
  • Checkmark SCUM.exe
  • Find under “TCP Connections” the “Remote Address” and “Remote Port”
  • In this example we can connect to one of the official servers usingĀ

Connecting to the Server

  • Tell your friend to go in the game main menu and input the IP into the white box
  • Connect and now you are both on the same server!
  • Thats it! You/Your friend are now on the same server.

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