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SCUM: Setting Game Launch Options

Launch Options

Open Steam Library and right click on SCUM. Then go to “Properties” and click on “Set Launch Options”. There type (copy paste) the following commands:


Commands explained:


This will change shading from directx 11 to directx 10. It won’t look as stunning (it will look a little bit more darker) but it will run more smoothly hence your fps will increase. This is one of the most important fps command for unrealengine. (It gave me a boost of fps from 72 to 120 on single player and from 67 to 92 on multiplayer full server)


This will ensure that all of your CPU cores are being used while running the game. (5 fps increase)

Please Read

1- Basically “-sm4” forces your PostProcessQuality from 2 to 0. With the last update of Scum, in order to work at it’s full potential (because ingame it will still be set on 2 since the lowest option is MEDIUM for PostProcessingQuality you must also open your “GameUserSettings.ini” from:


and manually change PostProcessQuality= from 2 to 0 (for both of them).

2- Besides the FPS that “-sm4” gives you, it will also make your game not be as bright (see picture ‘before and after’ below) so try and set your shadow precision (in game video setting) to the lowest. It will make it a little bit more brighter.

3- If you still do not like the low brightness the “-sm4” command gives you, just remove it from your set launch options and if that doesn’t do it, then just delete your GameUserSettings.ini from your:


I recommend making a backup of that file before you apply the guide, just in case to save your already made video settings. Even if you do not make a backup of that file, and you deleted it, the game will still run without any problems (a new file will be created by itself once u run the game) but you will have to change your ingame video settings to whatever you like because it will start as default video settings.

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