Scythe Digital Edition - 100% Achievement Guide

Scythe: Digital Edition – 100% Achievement Guide

This guide is made to help everyone to achieve 100% of Scythe: Digital version achievements.

100% Achievement Guide

Hello and welcome to the easy achievement guide for Scythe. Here i will tell how to achieve everything from this game. Most of those achievements are easy to make and doesn’t need any guidence as you will reach them automatically at some point of the game. For those which are more difficult i will pay more attention for some strats.

The Four Mechmen
Deploy all mechs.

This and most of the achievments are done automatically through your game experience. Focus on producing/bying metal and deploying all 4 of your mechs

Speed Demon
Be the first person in the Factory.

My advice for easy getting this oneis to pick russviet with industrial/engineering player mat. So you may produce 3 times/rade 2 times in a row in order to deploy a township mech. Then spend 2 turns to move your character to the factory. 4-5 turns – the fastest you can get. I assure you, no other faction can do it faster.

The Challenger
Complete the objective.

I dont think you really need a guide for that one. Just look what objectives you have and focus to do one of them.

In the Army Now
Enlist all recruits.

Same here – produce/trade some food and enlist as possible.

Get all workers.

Easily done with Russviet. Just produce 3 times in a row (since you’ve got your first 2 workers on mountains and village)

Well-Oiled Machine
Acquire all upgrades.

No comments. Get some oil, upgrade 6 times and you’re good.

Real Estate Magnate
Build all structures.

Just don’t forget you can build only 1 structure on one hex and, what is more important, you can only build on a hex with your worker. So first of all notice you have only 3 starting hexes, so leaving your base land is innevitable. Best done with Industrial or Mehanical player mats since they have Move + build both top and bottom row action.

Armed to the Teeth
Get 16 power.

Best done with Industrial player mat if you manage to get an upgrade recruit. 4 power per action + bonus from your neighbours.

To the Victor Go the Spoils
Win 2 battles.

Just keep in mind that both you and your opponent can spend no more then 7 power and only 1 ammo per unit and remember that attackers always win ties, so dont overcommit when you have a chance to save some power for later.

This Land Is My Land
At the end of the game, have the most tiles under your control.

No tricks with this one. Spread your community all over the map. Focus on getting a lot of workers, remember, that mechs can take them and leave some behind the trail (or take passangers on their path). Best done with Factions who can walk the lakes (lakes counts as your territory as well). And the sweetest of them all – the factory, which is 3 territories worth. Make sure your mechs have all freedom to move across rivers and have +1 speed. Also structures can controll the territory if there are no enemy workers/mechs/character

Execute Order 66
Defeat an enemy hero.

Hero is a basic unit each faction has. Simply win a combat with this unit involved. BTW nice SW reference.

The Winner Takes It All
Win a game.

Simple as that. How to succeed in this game should have another thread.

Seize the Means of Production
Control the Factory at the end of the game.

Simple aswell. Remember, the game ends when someone achieves the sixth star.

At the end of the game, have the most resources under your control.

Just have the most. You can produce them by yourself, or steal it from undefended workers of your opponents.

Win a battle on the Factory field.
Just do it.

The Power of Love
Get 18 popularity.

The popularity is the most important parameter of this game but the most expensive and hard to get. Nevertheless there are several ways to get it. Encounters always have at least 1 option to get popularity, you can have it with trading action, bolster action with memorial on the field and you may have a recruit with one tme bounus of 2 popularity, also taken from a building spot (so whenever you or you neighbours build a structure you get a popularity). Combined, the best way to get 18 pop as fast aas you can is a combo of patriotic player mat with opened recruit icon. Warning: requiers a lot of wood and money.

Collect 5 or more encounters during the game.

Best way to be done: pick Polania with agricultural player mat vs any fation except Russviet.

  • First action: Move character from base and worker from farm to forest.
  • Second action: produce
  • Third: trade for metal
  • Fourth: produce – build a a mine
  • Fith: trade for metal – deploy +1 movement mech.
  • Sixth: move character to your base encounter, mech with both workers to the mountain through the mine.

Then you may move/produce or trade just to get as more mechs as possible (submerge mech priority) and get the factory card as fast as you can. Make sure not to match vs Russviet since they will do it much faster. Remember that factory card allows you to move 1 character 2 spaces. With your +1 ability you can do 3 moves with your character, and with submerge ability combined with all above you can reach any encounter on the map in 1 turn. Polania pick here because of their starting wood and more important, their ability to pick 2 variants from an encounter card. Have fun with that!

Rags to Riches
Win with $100 or more.

If you have problems with that then focus on getting as much popularity as you can combined with 10+ territories and throughout the match try to focus on producing the most coins generating action. There are several ways to do it, but it defenetely has to have an additional thread of Scythe strategy guide. Wright in the comments if you have a problem with this and if there’ll be a lot of players who do really need an extended guide, i may do it one day.

Successful Developer
Get the highest tier from the structures bonus.

Sound easy but sometimes really hard to do. First of all, you’ll really have to go for structures. And structures are most difficult part of this game since you really have to plan where to build them. You can check structure bonuses on top of the screen. If it says to build on a particular hex, then it’s easy to understand and do. But sometime people forget some important rules whether there is a structure bonus for building structures near a lake/tunnel/encounter. The most important thing here is that every lake/tunnel/encounter must be unique, so you just can’t build everithing near one hex and be happy. No, you should build almost across the map to reach the highest tier.

But we may cheat it. The easiest way on my mind is to pick Northens and restart the game untill you get the structure bonus for building on farms and tundras. Since Northens may cross rivers with their workers, they have all 4 of needed hexes in 1 or 2 moves. So pick an industrial/mechanical player mat (since you may move then build) and trade-move for your first 8 actions and you’re good.

Win more than 2 battles.

I dont think this needs any coments. Your success is relied on your power and ammo cards management with the feeling of right moment for an attack. If you want most profit from this achievement, pick Saxon empire since they got no limit for stars from combat wins.

Is this the Real Life?
Win a match while your opponent has 6 stars.

I found that really easy one. The trick is to get five stars and be ahead everyone else with power and ammo, and also have Saxon as one of your bots. When you feel ready, just go and fight them as much as you can, but giving up in every fight so he could have additional stars for combat (since he’ve got no limit for it). Also, better pick Northens since they can retreat to the lakes so you won’t lose any territory for being that aggressive.

Better Feared than Loved
Win with 6 or less popularity.

Remember i mentioned that popularity is the most important parameter in the game? So, since it’s so, this achievement forces us to end the game fast and furious. There are dozens of games (IRL) i won on tier 1 popularity, but the easiest one in our case is Russviet+industrial (and this is why it has an errata IRL board game). For the best outcome you may restar your game untill you get one of this objectives: foundations of the empire>monopolize the market/king of the hill/send one back as warning/a wolf among the ship/divide and conquer/become despised warmonger. The underlined one is the best to have, but others are easily done too.

Your actions:
3 times produce get a star for 8 workers (and possibly for foundations of the empire) – deploy +1 speed mech.

Move your character to an encounter and your mech with 7 workers there aswell, then mech moves to the village. Pick an option in encounter for 1 popularity (each of those cards have at least 1 option with popularity). produce 2 times. Bolster 6 times with an upgrade (first upgrade for power) – get a 3th star. Deploy rest of your mechs (4th star). Then move every turn to spread out and win 2 combats.

Remember you cant use this strat IRL board game since Russviet+industrial is officially banned. But we’re here for achievements, right?

Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day
Win without any structures.

Army of Me
Win without any recruits.

Win without any upgrades.

These three are in one category as they are easily done. If you focus on just NOT doing any of these bottom row actions, it’s not a problem to win a game if you know the basics. I’ll say, a 10-15% togher then average. But what is real challenge is the next one.

One-Man Army
Win without any mechs.

This one is toughest because you’re giving up a lot from this game. Mechs are important. Even more important then popularity! I mean, when i said that popularity is most important thing i didn’t mention that you can’t do anyhing without your mechs at all. It was just like who the hell ever doesn’t build at least one of them in one match? You just cant ignore them. Imagine: you cant spread, you cant move most of your workers and you cant cross rivers with you character so you wont anticipate in battles! But then i calmed down and found a working solution:

Pick Northens as they’ve got their ability to cross rivers with workers (so no mechs needed). Focus on building mine on your territory so your character may reach the factory. This is the case where the factory card is very important so pick up one that can gives you what you’re lacking of to get stars. Aaaaand thats it! Just spread out on the map, focus on popularity, try to move every time. Recruiting is also very very important with this one as long as you dont have much mobility, at least you’ll be more likely producing a lot of resources.

Win a battle on a lake.

Nothing to say here. Just pair Polania and Northens and get the right moment to land an attack on the lake and win it. Wait untill your bot buddy decides to build a lake mech and attack him with all force.

The Art of War
Win a battle with 0 power.

This one is more about manipulating an AI. You cant if they’ll focus on gettinf ammo cards or not, but you won’t have to predict if they got 0, right? So, i personally did it in 1 try in a match against a group of easy bots excluded saxony. Pick Northens for their seaworthy ability and become a peacefull viking raider – attack nonstop one of the bots near the lake with no power and no ammo (that’s important since ammo counts as additional power). You will always retreat to lakes (whis is very good since you wont spend any mobility to reach enemies again) and one day or another you will finally exhaust bots from all of his cards and force hime to spend zero power. I remind you, that all ties goes to an attacker. So since 0-0 is also a tie which you’ll defenitely win.

The Art of Trolling
Here we are – the secret one! Not as much secet as you thought to be honest. If you look in the icon closely, it represents the mine built near the base icon and that is all you’e gonna do! This is also not a tough thing to do. And i’ve got an easy solution:

Pick Polania with industrial/mechanical player mat. Focus on deploying a submerge mech and +1 speed mech. Store needed wood for the building. Take a mech with the worker and end up your movement in the lake. Next time you’ll be avle to move, take that mech with the worker and with your submerge ability reach one of the active players’s hex near the base (possible for everyone exclude Northens) and build a mine there! If the hex is protected, be sure that you can beat the player out there, if it’s undefended, then you’re welcome! Your achievement list is complete!

Important rules to remember: works only against active players, so if, for example, there is no Russviet player, you wont unlock the achievement.

Also don’t forget that you can only build on a hex that has your worker, so bringing a mech with a worker inside it is very important!

And yet another one: dont forget you have to build a mine there, not just any structure.

Written by Bugaguy

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