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SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays: Beginner Tips

All the info and tips i can think of to help new players engage this wonderful series. Please let me know if you think other useful tips should be added.

Beginner Tips

The game may seem a little complex at first, but I assure you that once you gain a grasp on how to achieve what you desire everything will be natural to you.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • In this game units have Permadeath. While pilot will survive being destroyed you will permanently lose your MS if it gets destroyed.
  • During missions you have 10 slots in which to quicksave.. use them to go back from bad situations. The game also autosave each turn.
  • Any pilot can use any MS.
  • Any MS / Pilot can be deploy in any series, the only limitation being terrains.
  • For a ship / MS to be deployed in a map it must be able run in that map environment (space or air, tipically).
  • The ship that you get at the start of the game can contain only 1 squad, but by doing one of the available dispatches you can acquire an item that let you unlock the 2nd squad slot. I recommend that you do that asap, as more slot means more units on the battlefield (obviously).
  • Raids are a new type of squadron, the main difference from the ship being that the units can regain HP / EN while roaming on the map. If 2 units of the raid end the turn near each other they will regain HP and a little EN, otherwise (if a unit ends the turn with no raid ally nearby) they will regain 30% of EN.
  • Whenever a unit kills an enemy they get to act again, up to 2 times (you get 3 attacks in total).
  • Whenever a unit dodge,hits or kills an enemy it gains morale. After specific thresholds they reach what is called “High Tension”, after which if it continues to gain morale it reaches “Super High Tension”.
  • During High Tension all attacks are critics, while during Super High Tension all attacks deal “super critics”. There are certain attacks only usable during (Super) High Tension.
  • If a unit gets hit during Super High Tension it will switch back to a normal state when the battle ends. The same happens if it misses an attack.
  • Sometimes when you encounter enemy ships they will deploy additional MS when you get near them. If you destroy the ship those same MS will have a white flag on them.. it means that if your ship gets near them the “capture” command will appear. It is a free action that let you capture them, being able to dismantle (aka sell) them ore use them, according to your wishes.
  • You can change the battle music for each pilot you own (it only depends on them, not on the MS). You can also import your own mp3 files to use as battle music!

Squad Strengthening

  • Be mindful that pilot stats matter a lot. A ranged MS should be piloted by someone proficient in long rage, same with melee. “Funnel type” weapons (or “awaken” weapons” use the “Awaken” statistic). I recommend to balance your credits spending between new units and pilots, as you need good pilots just as you need good MS.
  • When a MS levels up you receive points to spend in its stats, ranging from attacks to HP, EN and speed (this is very important at higher difficulties, as it affects both dodging and hitting capabilities).
  • When a Pilot levels up he/she automatically gains stats increases. You can also spend credits to increase his/her stats.
  • Each pilot has innate abilities and skills, and learn new skills as he/she levels up. Abilities are dropped by specific enemies (those with a yellow dot on them), the higher the difficulty the higher the ability level dropped by the enemy.
  • MS whose size is greater than M will occupy more slots inside your ship. This hovever will not matter for the Master slot, which can host a big MS while still occupying only one slot (use this feature at your advantage).
  • Lots of pilots have more than one version of themselves. Usually the last versions are stronger than the previous ones, but also have more difficult / complex requirements to complete their respective quest.

Acquiring Units

This game is full of ways in which the player can gain new units. Here are all the means you have to do so.

Filling Guest Unit Get Gauge

In each stage there are “guest” units, units (both MS and ships) that belongs to the events you’re playing. Whenever one of these units get a kill the get gauge will fill itself; when the bar is completely filled you will unlock that unit for developmen (you still need to pay credits for the development).

Of important note the fact that the get gauge is shared across multiple stages / missions, so you can fill it at your own pace.


With this option you can “combine” the design of 2 MS to unlock a third one. Not all MS can be combined, and multiple combinations result in the same design. As per the GET gauge you still need to pay credits do build the designed MS.


When you encounter enemy ships they sometimes will deploy additional MS when you get near them. If you destroy the ship those same MS will have a white flag on them.. it means that if your ship gets near them the “capture” command will appear. It is a free action that let you capture them and use or sell them after the mission ends (through the “manage captures” menu action).


You surely have noticed that in the game Units and Pilots have separate levels. For units these are especially important, as they allow them to “evolve” (just like in pokemon games) into different forms.

Each MS has different evolution paths which can lead to different results, and each form has a minimum level requirement.

This is the main way to obtain new Units, and (aside from capture) the cheapest one.


Using this option you can exchange a MS whose level is at minimum 2. As the MS level rise you’ll get better deals, but it will get you lots of levels to be offered an even decent value for the exchange.

Still it’s sometimes worth to look at what the game offer to you for your well levelled MS.

Dispatch Missions

Sometimes dispatch missions offer a MS as an additional reward for completion.


Some of the Units (in some cases even very strong units) are unlocked by completing specific quests. As always you’ll only unlock the schematics, and you’ll still need to buy it with credits.

Acquiring Pilots

All the pilots are unlocked through quests (once unlocked they must be scouted, aka buyed with credits from the scouting menu).

Lots of these quests just require you to fill their respective MS GET gauge while others are a little more complex.

Still everything can be found in the quest menu.

Evolution Tips

I’ll be adding more tips in this section as I find more info or discover interesting stuff.

  • Evolve the Phoenix Gundam to its “Full Power” form asap, since the Full Power form will then be able to evolve into the main gundams of the main series of the game.
  • Before evolving a MS into a new form you can check the new form details, including weapons, innate abilities and even which will be its future evolutions when levelled (even though it’s very likely that those will be obscured, it’s still a hint at what you could be getting next).
  • Don’t sleep on the gallery function, as it can give you precious hints at what you need to obtain a specific MS.

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