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Sea of Thieves Advanced Techniques (Digging, Swimming, Emote)

Ensure you know the techniques Digging much faster with the shovel and Moving a lost faster through water (sword lunge thrust), and Get a free emote that hides you from enemies.

Sea of Thieves Advanced Techniques

Swimming faster while carrying an object

First of all, go to the Accessibility Options menu and turn on the option “Reduce hold to interact”. This will make it so you only have to press F once and wait a bit, instead of keep holding F, to grab objects.

To go faster while carrying an object in water, press X to release the object and quickly press Shift (to run) and then F (to grab). If done correctly, this will make your character swim a bit faster forward and grab the object again right after. Repeat the operation several times and you will get to your destination faster than usual!

180° turn with the anchor

If you turn the wheel all the way to the right or left and release the anchor, the ship will quickly turn almost 180 degrees. It is usually the fastest way to totally change course if you’re sailing fast, even considering you have to raise the anchor afterwards.

Not slowing down when charging the sword lunge

When holding the left mouse button to charge the lunge, you become slower for around 1 second. However, if you hold parry (right mouse button) before charging the lunge, you don’t move slower! Get used to always parrying first before charging the lunge, and this always helps with the sword lunge thrust technique.

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It is a specific technique that allows you to alternate between jumps and dodges, making you harder to hit with shots, or helping disorient your opponent in a duel.
To start, do a dodge by holding parrying then jumping (right mouse + space bar), and as soon as you land, do a normal jump. As soon as you land from the jump, do a dodge again, and so on. The sequence is: dodge, jump, dodge, jump, dodge, jump, etc. You can freely change the direction of each dodge or jump, as long as the next action you do when you land is different than the previous action. It can take a while to get the muscle memory for this technique.

Video tutorial (credits to Youtuber “The Pirate Council”)

Invading enemies without using the ladder

Using the ladder to board other ships is noisy and obvious, and you will almost always be killed as soon as you get up, if the other crew is paying attention. Few people know that if the enemy ship is parked away from an island and the waves are good, you can also climb through their harpoons or their rowboat! Watch the video. You can also board them by climbing on your own mast and using the sword lunge thrust technique to throw yourself onto the other ship, or shoot yourself from the cannon.

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Look at the ship’s map more quickly

Se você estiver pilotando o timão em um galeão e precisar checar rapidamente se está indo no rumo certo, não é preciso descer até onde o mapa está. O galeão possui uma grelha que permite ver o mapa a partir do convés inferior. O processo é ainda melhor em uma corveta/chalupa: basta ir para trás do timão para ver o mapa por cima sem uma grade atrapalhando.

If you’re manning the wheel in a galleon and need to quickly check if you’re heading the right way, you don’t need to go down where the map is. The galleon has a grill which allows you to see the map through the top deck. This is even better in a sloop: you only need to walk backwards from the wheel, turn around and you can see the map from above without a grill in the way.

Refill your ammo at Outposts without an ammo box

If you’re fighting an enemy crew in an Outpost, instead of going back to your ship to refill ammo, you can refill your ammo by going to the weapon skin shop, which has an Armory on the outside, and change the skin of your weapon. This will completely refill it with ammo.

Cancel the missed sword lunge stun

If you’re fighting in a ship’s top deck and you miss your sword lunge and you’re lucky enough to finish your lunge within range of a cannon or harpoon gun, quickly grab and release it. This will bypass the stun you would normally take for having missed your lunge!
Thanks to Youtuber hitbotc for this and the previous tip, and more which I have not included.

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Acessing the Fort of the Damned more easily

The Fort of the Damned is one of the most lucrative activities in the game, but it requires a preparation process before it can be undertaken. It will be necessary to collect flames of 6 different colors from the dead man’s ferry by dying in 6 different ways. I will not explain in great detail how to do it, because there are plenty of tutorials on the internet.

What I will do is share some tips to make two of the hardest lamp colors easier to get:

  1. Pink flame: NORMALLY: Dying from PvP combat. EASIER WAY: Someone from your crew lights a gunpowder keg and leaves it beside you. When you die from it, it is like dying because of another player!
  2. White flame: NORMALLY: dying by taking a lightning strike to the face. Be careful not to die from the fire after taking the lightning bolt; in this case the flame you get will be red. EASIER WAY: keep your sword equipped, because it tremendously increases the chance of a lightning strike hitting you (I believe the developers’ idea was to make it act like a lightning rod).

Besides the 6 flame colors, and other ingredients necessary for the FotD is the Ritual Skull, which can be obtained in the following ways:

  1. Buying from Duke (in the Tavern) a Voyage to dig the skull up (only once a month)
  2. Sometimes as rewards from treasure maps left by Skeleton Captains, who randomly come out of the ground on islands
  3. Sometimes as loot from a Skeleton Ship
  4. Inside a locked Ashen chest.
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