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Sea of Thieves Movement Guide (Advanced Movement and Techniques)

This is a guide for new/advanced pirates that are in need of remembering how to simply move around in the game. Pay close attention as this guide may get tricky once you combine one key with another turning it into a combo transforming yourself into what is known as being a Pirate Legend.

Advanced Movement and Techniques

  • W – Moving Forwards
  • S – Moving Backwards
  • A – Left
  • D – Right
  • (Hold) Left Shift – Sprint (While holding W, this requires a certified player to hold more than one key.)
  • Jump – Spacebar (This can be repeatedly used while holding any of the keys above.)
  • (Hold) Walk – LeftControl (Performing this action requires you to use more than one key just like jumping.)

Sea of Thieves Advanced Movement and Techniques

Pro Tip: To perform this technique this requires a lot of brainpower and smarts in becoming a Pirate Legend, one must Hold W (move forward), Hold Left Shift (to sprint), and lastly press Spacebar (to jump) all at once to move around the quickest while on a solid surface. Becoming a Pirate Legend is not only about leveling up your pirate to a certain level and mastering the seas but, understanding the movement in the game and taking advantage of it.

In conclusion, this guide will help pirates understand the tricky movements that others are trying to master in the game and hopefully this guide will help you learn and overcome the difficulty that even Pirate Legends are having.

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