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Sea of Thieves Random Events

Sea of Thieves Random Events

Recognizing events by the clouds in the sky

  • Ship-shaped cloud: A single Skeleton Sloop or a single Skeleton Galleon can appear anywhere and at any time to harass players, but there is a much more hardcore version of this event: The Skeleton Fleet. It is located where there is a cloud in the shape of a ship, and consists of several waves of Skeleton Sloops and Galleons. It is a lot more risky, but it has more rewards. Hint: try parking your ship next to an obstacle, such as a large rock. This will limit the amount of skeleton ships that will fight you at the same time, reducing risks.
  • Skull-shaped cloud with green glowing eyes: This is an active Fort. It consists of killing several waves of skeletons, culminating in a boss, who drops the key for the Fort’s treasure room, netting you between 12,000 and 40,000 coins in loot. If the skull changes to red glowing eyes, it means there are people doing the Fort: you can go there help them and propose an Alliance, wait for them to finish the Fort and sink them, hide yourself in their boat, etc. it’s up to you!
  • None of the two clouds above is in the sky: Believe it or not, but the absence of one of those two clouds above (Fort or Fleet) is a cloud by itself: it means that the Kraken will randomly attack one of the crews in the server! In other words, the Kraken only shows up when there is no Fort or Fleet active in the server. See below for more tips on the Kraken.
  • Skull-shaped cloud with red eyes the entire time (not blinking): This means there are people doing the Fort of the Damned, which is a special Fort located next to the Reaper’s Hideout. It is different from the other events because it can be voluntarily triggered at any time, as long as the players fulfill the prerequisites. This Fort is a lot more lucrative than the normal one, but it is harder to do, and tends to attract players that secretly wait for the Fort to end to sabotage the operation and steal the loot.
    You can learn more about the Fort of the Damned in the ADVANCED THECHNIQUES section.
    Note: the Fort of the Damned cloud has no influence on whether the Kraken shows up.
  • Megalodons (giant sharks) are totally random and do not have an associated cloud.
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Events’ Difficulty

The difficulty of the Kraken or Megalodon is adjusted according to the ship’s size. For example, a Megalodon found by a sloop dies after around 10 cannonballs; a Meg that attacks a galleon takes over 20 cannonballs to be defeated. It is not clear whether the ship’s size affects the difficulty of the Skeleton Fleet or Forts.

Escaping from the Kraken

It is possible to escape from the Kraken’s black waters. In sloops and brigantines, turn 180 degrees and go back where you came from until you leave the black waters; this is the fastest way. For the galleon, it is usually best to sail in the direction that the wind is pointing to, and angle your sails accordingly.

Sink a Skeleton Galleon more easily

Ask one of your crew members to invade the Skeleton Galleon, go to the lowest deck and keep killing the skeletons that are fixing the ship. This way, you will sink the galleon much faster and spend much fewer cannonballs.

Ensuring a Megalodon does not run away

Megs will go away if your ship is too close to an obstacle (e.g. rocks jutting out of the water) or an island. To fight a Meg, stop the ship in the open sea. Lowering the anchor is optional, but it stops the Meg’s attacks from potentially pushing your boat towards an obstacle.

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Get the game’s rarest achievement

In case you find a Meg that is white in color with slightly pink fins, STOP EVERYTHING YOU’RE DOING NO MATTER HOW MUCH LOOT YOU HAVE ON THE SHIP, make sure the ship is far from any island or obstacle, lower your anchor, and murder the sunnaovagun, because you will most likely only have this single opportunity in all your in-game career! Finding it is like winning the lottery, and you will earn one of the game’s most exclusive titles when you defeat it: Hunter of the Shrouded Ghost.

Note: if the Megalodon has a yellow fin, it is not the Shrouded Ghost, but the second rarest Meg: the Ancient Terror. Even then, it is worth killing at least once in your life: you earn 40 doubloons and the title of:

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