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Sea of Thieves Tips On Dealing With Fire

Tips On Dealing With Fire

Immunize your ship from sinking due to fire

The way fire works to sink your ship is to spread to the bottom deck (it can go between decks), and after about a minute burning there, it will open a couple small holes in the hull. As soon as water comes in from the holes, it puts the fire there out, and then no new holes will be formed. If you then fix the couple holes it opened, your ship will now be completely protected from fire and won’t sink no matter for how long the other decks burn, because fire can now never reach the bottom deck as long as you don’t remove the water.

You can simulate this effect before any holes are formed by simply throwing 3 buckets worth of water (one full water barrel) on your ship’s floor. This will create a thin water layer on the bottom deck that stops any fire from spreading there. Boom, ship protected from fire-borne sinking!

Don’t panic

Even if you don’t protect the ship with a water layer and let fire run its course, as a general rule it will take 5-6 minutes to sink any ship. Keep your cool if the ship catches fire; you’ll have a lot of time to deal with it.

Fire is used much more as a hindrance against your opponents (who will start taking damage as soon as they come back from the ferry of the dead) than a way to sink ships.

Putting yourself out

With a bucket of water, press the right mouse button to throw the water on your face and put yourself out, as well as any fire patches around you.

A water bucket puts out more than one fire patch

Water thrown from a bucket doesn’t just put out the fire patch it lands on, but also up to four other adjacent patches, in a plus-sign-like (+) pattern. Therefore, throwing water at the center of a great clump of fire, instead of at its edges, is more efficient.

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