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Second Chance Walkthrough and Achievement Guide



✦ Action.
✧ Choice.

Walkthrough Part I

✦ Click at the marked thing in main menu until you hear a sound, then start a new game.

✧ Answer the call

Deja vu

Chuh-chuh! Thuu-thuu!

✧ Check pockets
✦ SAVE 1
✧ No, the train only just left.
✧ I really should accompany her!
✧ I think I should
✧ Why not? I’m really hungry…

Tea ceremony

Drink tea – is always welcome!

✧ I liked everything!
✧ Right
✧ Take


I have a lot of free time.

✧ I was chattering to people in the library
✧ Tell the truth
✧ Ask help from Jace
✦ DO NOT skip here, make sure to read the text carefully until your character mentions a 4 digit code and memorize it. Scroll up if you somehow missed it.

✧ Tell Winter the truth
✧ Tell the truth about the reason
✦ SAVE 2
✦ Next mini-game must be completed within 5 seconds, it’s the same pattern each time so just check the screenshot below to do it.

Hack the computer in 5 seconds or less.

Note: Load Save 2 if it took you longer than 5 seconds.

✦ SAVE 3
✧ Jace profile
✦ Insert the numbers you memorized at the beach scene.

Coincidence? I doubt it.
And I have seen quite a few coincidences…

✧ Bring notes back to Neny
✦ Keep visiting all rooms in any order.
✧ Play with her p ussy with tongue
✧ Play with her a nus by tongue
✧ Plunge p enis into her a ss

Open the back door!
Find Neny’s secret passage.

In the same place!
Apparently lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice.

✧ Talk to Jace
✧ I am not Lesley
✦ Pick all 3 choices.

It’s a sausage!
A real sausage!

✧ Go touch his chest

Intoxicating scent of love
Every action has its consequences.

✧ Visit Jace
✧ Take him home
✧ Let him go
✧ Go to the beach
✧ You have to figure out who you were!
✧ Accept the offer
✧ Bed
✧ I should get the box
✧ Bookcase
✧ This is the passage to the secret room
✧ Inspect the bed
✦ Hit the keys as they’re shown in the screen, you must do it on first try for an achievement.

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Hypnosis! You did it on your first try!

Note: Load save 4 if you failed to get it in your first attempt.

✦ SAVE 5
✧ Explore the box under the bed

Secret box
You found out the secret he was carefully hiding!

✦ SAVE 6
✧ Stimulate his prostate
✧ Insert d ick in his a ss

We will get through it together.

✦ Don’t skip here. Click slowly, and then when credits start rolling, wait for them.

After the credits
You expected to see something after the credits? That’s it. Cheers!

✦ LOAD 5
✧ Sit back and wait quietly

Very few are able to tame their curiosity.

✧ Stimulate him with tongue

✦ LOAD 6
✧ Stimulate him with tongue
✧ Feel his d ick in my a ss (This step is required for “Take a picture” achievement).

✦ LOAD 3
✧ Winter profile
✧ Play with her p ussy by hands
✧ Play with her p ussy with tongue
✧ Do anal sex

There’s another way!
Find Winter’s secret passage.

You got A+++ on your backdoor insertion test!

Full service
Check everything! Forget nothing!

After school
Have some fun in the library.

✦ Can quit this playthrough here.

Walkthrough Part II

✦ LOAD 3
✧ Lin profile
✧ Visit Lin
✦ Pick both choices.
✧ I just want to f uck everyone around here
✧ No money
✦ SAVE 7
✧ Skip tutorial
✦ Attack only highest numbered areas.

Not a scratch!
Don’t get any damage in the fight!

✧ Try to persuade Lin
✦ SAVE 8
✧ Pi ss on him

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Water sports
He’ll remember that smell for a long time!

Toffee with urine!
Try an energy drink.

✧ Yes
✧ How it relates to my question?
✧ Have you tried to use a Ding from Macrohard?
✧ We just talked
✧ I should accompany her
✧ Call again
✧ Just attracted my attention, that’s all
✧ Ask her about it

Dark things
Good deeds in the locker room… Can be done!

✧ Does it hurt? Should I look for a first aid kit?
✦ Pick all 3 choices.
✧ Go outside
✧ Take him home
✦ SAVE 9
✧ Chase him
✧ Why did you run away?
✧ I don’t know
✧ Chase him

Hard landing
Sooner or later, it had to happen.

✧ None of your business
✦ SAVE 10
✧ Suck his c ock

Devil’s bargain
Careful, you are dancing with the devil.

You’ve tasted them all! And everyone has a different taste!

Bitter pill
Rumors about the taste turned out to be a bitter truth!

That’s how Lin felt…

I’m not lying. I never do.

✦ LOAD 10
✧ Fight him
✦ Pick anything, you’ll lose either way

Punching bag
You’ve been on place of punching bag!

✦ LOAD 9
✧ Let him go
✦ SAVE 11
✧ Pretend to be a cop and scare

I am the Law!
Judge, jury and executioner. All in one.

You have discovered the rarest Ginger Jewel!

✧ I will help him up
✧ Shake hands

Sleazy guy!
One handshake can decide the fate of the world. This is not it.

✦ Can quit this playthrough here.

✦ LOAD 11
✧ Watch and wait
✧ Continue to watch and wait for the red-haired

I like to watch
I know what happened in the park. In details.

✧ Turn off vibration
✧ Press the ≪︎up≫︎ button
✧ Switch until the maximum

High voltage
Vibration set to maximum!

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✧ Press the ≪︎turn off≫︎ button
✧ Pull the plug out

Almost broke!
Just a little more, and he would have to call an ambulance!

✧ Let the air out of plug
✧ F uck him
✧ Play with his a ss by hands
✦ SAVE 12
✧ Put on a condom

✦ Can quit this playthrough once you get to next choice.

✦ LOAD 12
✧ Continue without a condom (This step is required for “Take a picture” achievement).

✦ Can quit this playthrough once you get to next choice.

✦ LOAD 7
✦ Attack the lowest numbered areas.

At least I tried!
I fell. But fell like a valiant knight!

Silence is golden!
Don’t break the silence!

Take a picture!
Reveal the whole gallery!

✦ LOAD 8
✧ Break his arm and go for help.

Dodge this!
He’ll remember this lesson forever.

✦ Quit this playthrough here.

✦ LOAD 8
✧ Go for help

Didn’t break the arm.
Don’t kick a dog when he is down!

✦ Quit this playthrough here.

✦ LOAD 1
✧ I’ve been waiting here for ages actually!

Be unreasonably rude.

✧ I liked everything!
✧ Right
✧ Take
✧ You didn’t come with me
✧ Tell the truth
✧ Try to handle it alone
✧ Lie to Winter
✧ Lie about the reason

Lesley profile
✧ Go outside
✧ Take him home
✧ Let him go
✧ Hiding in the bushes and wait for the blue-haired

«V» – is for Virgin
I’ll get to them next time!

✦ LOAD 4
✦ Fail at the hypnosis mini-game at least 100 times, then win.
Note: You can press Tab to skip automatically for approximately 5 minutes.

I’ll do it even if it takes me 101 times to try!

Note: There’s a bug in which you can’t win… if you run into this, just save, restart the game, load and try winning again.

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