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Secret Pie Favorability Achievements

Just wanted to share for favorability achievements.

Secret Pie Favorability Achievements


  • Shall I help you with cleaning? I’m strong enough to do labor.
  • Sure. I’ll make an effort to be a man that fits your tastes.
  • Wow, it looks really tasty.
  • Don’t you feel like we’re lovers in here?
  • Sure, I’d be happy to help.
  • No, no. Please forget it!


  • I promise to subscribe your channel & watch all the videos on it!
  • Sorry, I didn’t. I was too busy.
  • Are you ok?
  • You’re really a little devil.
  • A relationship where we’ve been together in a secret room?
  • Why? Why did you do that?


  • Right. I just came to say hello to you.
  • N-No. I understand. I’m not angry or anything, so you don’t need to say sorry.
  • I envy your friend.
  • I promise I’ll bring you macaroons every week. Please!
  • Of course!
  • (Stick out a palm)
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