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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Bell Demon’s Temple Walkthrough

Bell Demon’s Temple Walkthrough

There’s a small diversion to explore before entering the bridge – Look to the left around the corner to the entrance to find a plateau lined with lots of pinwheels and wooden statues – and at the end you’ll find a Red and White Pinwheel. This sounds like something Kotaro might want – and you can return to him and give it, but he wants the white one. Still, he’ll trust you at this point, and be open to suggestions.

It’s at this point that Kotaro’s fate may lie in your hands. If you’re a real jerk, you can suggest he check out the Abandoned Dungeon where the surgeon is, and condemn him to be experimented on. Or, you can fulfill Anayama the Peddler’s wishes and send him to the Ashina Outskirts to help out – not a bad choice, but we still have Kotaro’s own desires to factor in, so let’s keep looking for the white flower.

Back where you found the pinwheel, look down on the left of the cliff to find some lower platforms you can drop to. Look down right along the cliff face here to find more wooden platforms you can jump to, wrapping under the plateau above. At the end of the path here is a deep ravine, but you can make out lines of ledges to grab if you jump across the ravine and fall down a bit (you can make it!)

Once you grab on – look behind you for a low hanging tree branch that can catapult you back across the ravine to a small platform (you need to be at the very end of the ledge to make it work) and you’ll find a Heavy Coin Purse here, along with another ledge path back to the Shugendo. There’s more to find here, so grapple back using the branch to the ledges and sidle left to go up over more ledges. Enter a very narrow crevice where two Crawling Geckos will drop down, and then use your wall-jump ability to jump out of the crevice onto the ledge above.

Turn around here, and you’ll finally find the White Pinwheel that Kotaro wants. Now jump across to the main cliffside and head up the slopes to another temple (watch out for more Crawling Geckos hiding in the grass). There’s a broken wall on the right you can enter to find a Heavy Coin Purse, and Monkey Booze held by a statue – which you can share with the Sculptor, Isshin, or Emma if you choose. Look for a door back outside you can open, which gains you access to the Bell Demon’s Temple – including the shortcut back to the Ashina Outskirts in the Headless Mini-Bosses cave.

Be sure to return to Kotaro the Taro Troop brute back at the Senpou Temple entrance with the White Pinwheel. If you want to give him a happier ending, give him the white pinwheel.

Kotaro will be happy with this, and then ask one more favor: to be spirited away. This may sound confusing, but if you look at the tooltips for the Divine Abduction Prosthetic Tool gained in the Sunken Valley, it mentions it has the power to “spirit away”. Accept his request, and use the Divine Abduction on Kotaro and he’ll vanish before your eyes. But where did he go? We’ll find out, eventually.

Next up is: Armored Warrior

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