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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Great Serpent Shrine Walkthrough

Great Serpent Shrine Walkthrough

Back in the main Antechamber, grapple down to a beam below, where you can spot a large object in the middle of the room, and three Soldiers facing an Ashina Elite. Obviously, three soldiers are a more welcome match than the elite, so lock onto him and perform a Plunging Deathblow, then mop up the Soldiers in the room.

One end of the room leads to a door that will bring you back to the Ashina Castle stairway. Since the stairs in the hall are blocked and the beam is too high to grapple back up to, go through the opposite doorway to find a host of treasures: 2 Eel Liver – which can reduce shock damage, Gokan’s Sugar, and a chest holding the Sabimaru which can be turned into a new Prosthetic Tool to unleash a flurry of poisonous strikes.

The room beyond leads to a door out to the other part of the reservoir – above where you first entered the castle through the windows. Go right into a large open corridor where a regular Shinobi Hunter patrols near a Soldiers, and be prepared to make use of your Mikiri Counter to break his posture fast. He’ll drop a Heavy Coin Purse when he dies – and you’ll now have to routes you can take.

Going left first leads to a bridge where a Samurai Leader talks to a Soldier – eavesdropping to hear exactly what the Samurai are in dire need of…Salt! Sounds like a certain merchant may find this info useful.

  • If you go back and tell the Peddler about this, he’ll soon stock more items in his shop – including unlimited amounts of base upgrade materials for your Shinobi Prosthetics for relatively cheap!

Lucky for you, the Samurai Leader has been downgraded from the first one you fought – and only has one health bar, which means you can take him out instantly if you get the drop on them, and then kill the two Riflemen near him. Grab the Mibu Possession Balloon on your way to the exit gate – don’t worry, we’ll be back fairly quickly.

As you head out into the path through the wilderness, you may spot something jump off an archway and run down the road – and following it reveal three attackers: Monkeys. Yup, these aggressive little buggers die in a single hit like Attack Dogs, but they’re even more annoying as they’ll run around out of range before making leaping jumps at you, or kicking dirt in your face and doing similarly annoying things. Thankfully Shinobi Firecrackers stun them just as well as other beasts.

At the end of the road you’ll reach the Great Serpent Shrine, which includes a room with the Sculptor’s Idol and a Mibu Balloon of Spirit. The valley below leads to the Sunken Valley region, but we don’t exactly need to go there just yet – but you should still hop across the valley to the small little shrine to grab 3 Eel Liver. Trust me, they’re worth it.

Next up is: Old Grave

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