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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Gun Fort Walkthrough

Gun Fort Walkthrough

Before you get ready to charge off to the Gun Fort, you may have noticed there was a Sunken Valley Rifleman on a ledge just below where you fought the Snake Eyes, can he can prove pain sometimes when trying to advance. He’s also in full view of the snipers, so carefully hug the wall as you near the ledge to spot him below, then do a Plunging Deathblow and quickly grab the nearby Antidote Powder before grappling up before they can shoot you.

Once they’ve stopped firing and giving up looking for you, it’s time for the assault. Look for a ledge on the left side of the Buddha head, and sidle along the narrow path until you can see the Gun Fort. Looking around the corner, there’s a small rope bridge leading towards it – but that’s also a pretty neat deathtrap. Sprint halfway up the bridge, and then put on your Loaded Umbrella and stop before a gap in the bridge. After a salvo fires, drop down and grapple between branches quickly until you reach the far lowest ledge under the gun fort, and hug the wall.

Thankfully, the Sunken Valley snipers aren’t all that keen on actually investigating your presence – if they can’t see you from their sniper nests, they’ll quickly lose interest. Once they do, sneak along the path to a ledge you can jump up to. From there there are two more ledges – hang from the right ledge to spot a sniper just above you, and perform a Ledge Deathblow, and his friend further up won’t even notice.

Use the same method to kill the next sniper, and climb up to find a Spirit Emblem and Scrap Magnetite. From here you can also see a tree branch to swing to – but do so carefully. Around the corner is another sniper on the ledge above. Grapple to the branch below him and carefully go for another ledge kill. Instead of climbing up, drop back down to the branch, as there’s another sniper further back in the fort watching this area. Look for a small grapple point up to the right and stop.

There’s another sniper to your right – but more importantly, note the odd straw covered mounds along the ground. These are booby traps that holds firecrackers – while they won’t damage you, they’ll alert the rest of the snipers as to where you are. Carefully move around them to backstab the nearest sniper, and take the Black Gunpowder he’s guarding.

There’s another sniper just above you, so don’t go near the ledge, instead double back around the cluster of booby traps for a path to the right going inwards – but there’s also a lot more pressure tiles here. Instead of moving in, look for a large Buddha statue along the back that you can grapple up next to, putting you right behind the sniper here, and get the Scrap Magnetite he was looking over.

Looking back, there’s another branch to send you flying over the pressure plates below towards the last sniper deep into the fort – don’t worry, he can’t see you this close. Double jump up toward the ledge under him, and take him out. Be sure to drop back down to grab some Black Gunpowder – and you may also see a path leading towards a cliff.

There’s a door here, and the ledge is being guarded by a Sunken Valley Shotgunner, which is why we didn’t try grappling across to the far side, as he has the place covered – but won’t see you stab him in the back. Be sure to drop down below to grab Gokan’s Sugar, then investigate the passage here.

There’s a Lookout woman that patrols here, and further in – where the last sniper was killed, are two more shotgunners. Wait for the Lookout to go all the way down the tunnel and stab her in the back when she turns. One of the Shotgunners will also patrol the length of the cave here, and you can rush him when he turns his back to the tunnel, and then flip out your Loaded Umbrella to block the remaining Shotgunner and take him out – he’ll drop Yellow Gunpowder when he dies. Be sure to loot the rest of the room for a Pellet, Yellow Gunpowder, and a Heavy Coin Purse.

Gun Fort Shrine
Moving into the dark tunnel, you’ll be above a bottomless crevice where you’ll find the Gun Fort Sculptor’s Idol. There’s a small ledge to the left of the bridge that holds some Spirit Emblems, but you can’t reach anything else here, so continue to the shrine.

Boss Battle: Long-arm Centipede Giraffe

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