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Sekiro Shadows Die Twice: Hidden Forest Walkthrough

Hidden Forest Walkthrough

With this boss dealt with, it’s time to forge on ahead. Grapple up past the stream coming down to find a way out of the cave and into the misty woods. You’ll be immediately set upon by two Nightjar Ninja – but these are phantoms! Still, they’ll be just as annoying to deal with, but they do give great experience, so be sure to swat them out of the sky with shurikens and rapidly deflect their spinning attacks to break their posture. Note that as apparitions, they are a bit more susceptible to Divine Confetti – but they aren’t exactly immune to your katana either, so only use it if you really needed a bit of extra damage.

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After they’ve been defeated, you can look to the left to find Jinzaemon sitting on a rock (if you didn’t send him off to the dungeons that is). He’s still tracking the ghostly music that apparently belongs to a woman he caught a glimpse of before she disappeared into the fog – and he thinks she may be in a hidden village up ahead.

Look for a ledge off to the right to grapple down to the Hidden Forest Sculptor’s Idol, and check out the mist-filled scene before you. There are several large trees with gnarled branches above a misty ravine, with a few spots of light from glowing butterflies to lead the way across the treetops.

Along these branches, you’ll also find a few Giant Chickens to block your progress – and they hit for a lot more than they did back at the Ashina Outskirts. Luckily, you can still block their fluttering attack that sends them staggering back in the air – and you can either use the Anti-air Deathblow bought from Blackhat Badger to finish them off, or toss a shuriken to ground them.

After killing the first Giant Chicken, grab a Mibu Balloon of Soul before crossing the next tree where another chicken waits. There’s a Ceramic Shard on the branch below – and should you fall into the mist-filled ravine, you’ll need to be cautious of enemies lying in wait.

The mist is filled with the illusions of many types of Hirata Bandits that can appear without warning – as they appear in a duller grey compared to the ghostly Nightjar Ninja you saw earlier, and Divine Confetti deals no extra damage. In fact, they look much like the illusions that Lady Butterfly used. Knowing this, you can use Snap Seeds to dispel them instantly – which can be extremely useful if you get surrounded quickly by these phantom attackers.

If you do drop down, be sure to look for Scrap Magnetite by a grave marker guarded by a few Illusion Bandits that will appear without warning – and further past the second tree are three items guarded by patrolling Bandits: a Pellet, Mibu Balloon of Wealth, and Scrap Iron. Do note that there a few bandits you can see clearly from a distance and are sometimes sitting around – curiously these ones will not try to attack: It’s the ones that appear without warning you need to watch out for. Do not go past the third big tree however – another Headless Mini-Boss waits for you in the misty clearing, and you may not have some very useful tools needed to deal with this foe just yet, but we’ll be back soon.

Grapple up onto the plateau above the third tree to find a man sitting in front of a large golden Buddha. The man will ask if you would kill one who opposes Buddha – something that hides in an abandoned temple and has shrouded this land in fog. If you want to find your way to the hidden villager, you’ll need to find a way to stop this enemy. He’ll also mention that though the door is closed, you can find a way in through the rooftop.

Be sure to jump up behind where the man sits to a higher platform, where you can find a Pellet behind the top of the statue. Near the back of a tree is another Giant Chicken – and if you look up to the right you can grapple up through the branches to reach a high perch on the other side where a Light Coin Purse sits near another chicken behind a small tree.

Head back past the man by the bonfire to cross the last tree branch, and kill the two Giant Chickens in your way to reach another small valley – here, nowhere is safe from the illusions. Sticking to the higher path on the right, you can find another Illusion Bandit, and past him is a Bite Down item.

Up ahead, you can spot the misty outline of a building, and three Bandits below – but they’re just sitting about and won’t actually attack unless provoked. Sure enough, there doesn’t seem to be any entrance to the building where creepy music is coming from.

For now, turn around and head straight back towards where you came from, and you can spot a higher ledge with a tree and some Adamantite Scrap hiding behind it. Keep heading along the ledges while keeping the high walls to your left until you must drop down, where you’ll find Yellow Gunpowder – but several Illusion Attack Dogs will come charging out of the mist flanked by few Bandits. Utilize Firecrackers or Snap Seeds to send them off, then search this part of the valley for three items by some trees: Bite Down, Contact Medicine, and a Light Coin Purse.

At this point, a few Bandit Archers will materialize on the platforms behind you to try sniping you – quickly run back through the ravine to find a way up to silence them. Continuing through the lowest valley, you’ll reach a switchback along the left wall where you can grapple up to a branch – remember its location.

You can also find a path to jump back up where the lone temple is, and find some patrolling docile Bandits and Oil by a stone lantern. Heading around the left side of the building are more lounging Bandits by some Oil. They might not attack, but a hidden Bandit will, causing them all to join in – so use a Snap Seed to stop them.

At the back of the temple you can find a cliff wall with two stone torches and some Spirit Emblems, and in the far corner, a Bandit watches over a Ceramic Shard – and you’ll be ambushed if you try to pick it up.

Since there’s no way up to the roof of the temple around here, head back along the cliff walls until you run up a path to find a tree branch to grapple to. From here you can go right, or find a wall to sidle along to the left and grab a Snap Seed and a path back to the first area.

Mini-Boss – Tokujiro the Glutton

Reaching the ledge past the tree branch, you’ll find another Drunkard mini-boss drinking alongside several Monkeys. The Monkeys will spot you first, alerting a Monkey with a rifle on the ledge above – so quickly throw a shuriken his way to silence him, then engage the Monkeys with swords that jump over to the ledge you’re on.

Once you clear out the Monkeys, you can either run away until Tokujiro forgets about you and go in for a Stealth Deathblow, or engage him directly. Tokujiro fights just as you remember Juzou did at the Hirata Estate – but now you’ll have a lot more health, Healing Gourd charges, and damage output.

This doesn’t mean he’ll be too easy – and he still hits hard, but you should now be able to go toe to toe with him, dodge around his poison spray and hit him from behind, and deflect his large sweeping attacks (and use Gokan’s Sugar to mitigate posture damage – or use Ichimonji after his big attacks to regain posture).

You can also use the Monkeys here as sacrifices for the sake of power – and use the Bestowal Ninjutsu to give your blade a longer reach than his! You can also make use of items like the Raven Feather to get behind him quickly, or the Spring-Load Flame Vent to hit him with a giant fire burst while he guzzles his drink. Once he goes down, he’ll drop Unrefined Sake to share with whoever you didn’t give it to last time, as well as a Prayer Bead. Be sure to check around the area he was sitting for a Fistful of Ash, and then look below the broken shack for a small ledge you can grab and sidle along to reach a Pellet.

From this location – or from the higher ledge that the Rifle Monkey was on, look for a tree branch off to the side to grapple to, and then head up to the path back to the mist-filled valley. Here you’ll find a Lump of Fat Wax, and you’ll end up just above the temple, and you can use the tree branches to the left to find a safe path to the roof.

Mini-Boss – Mist Noble

Drop down to the lower roof and look around the front for a patch of glowing butterflies to find a broken wall to enter the temple. Carefully crawl along the beams to see a very odd-looking creature playing a flute by a bonfire. This is the entity that’s been bewitching the entire area – so drop down and say hello with a Plunging Deathblow.

In truth, this fight should be over in seconds – the Mist Noble has very little health or posture to speak of – and as long as you press the attack after the first Deathblow, he won’t have time to do much of anything before you finish the job.

If for some reason you fumble your attempt – don’t worry, he has absolutely no way of doing any meaningful damage. All he can do is throw some pitiful swings with his scrawny arms, or take forever to lightly stab you with his flute – and that’s it.

Execute the creature with lethal force, and a giant gust of mist will dispel the illusions created by the Mist Noble, leaving the true nature of these woods in its place – and you’ll also get a Lump of Grave Wax.

Exiting the ruins of the temple, you’ll find some Yashariku’s Sugar by the broken walls – and what was once a giant cliff face by the two stone torches is now a path onwards! If you check around the front of the temple, you’ll find a pit of stashed debris with a Heavy Coin Purse inside.

This also means you can now backtrack to claim any items you missed without fear of being attacked by illusions – only the Giant Chickens, Headless, and Tokujiro and his Monkeys remain if you didn’t kill him already.

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